PE 2020L driving me crazy!!

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PE 2020L driving me crazy!!

Post by Toyoda » 23 Aug 2019 18:28


I'm Henri from Belgium and I'm working on a PE 2020L for some months (put it away on a shelf cause I could not stand it not getting it fixed).
So now I'm back working on it...
Problem is it keeps getting in a loop. I push start, arm goes tot the record and lowers midway and goes back up.
It then goes back to rest, lowers, goes up, lowers, up, etc...
When I take it apart and start it for the first time it plays the record. Push stop and there it goes again... in o loop.
After that it does the halfway drop...
I'm no idiot... owned several duals, now own a Revox B795, A Thorens 165 special and a couple of Denons. All bought broken and fixed it myself.

But this PE!! Man!! I can't take it anymore.
Any help would be very much appreciated!

I have the service manual.
All is cleaned and lubricated correct. All moving parts are loosened.

Many thanks in advance!


Hugues TR4
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Re: PE 2020L driving me crazy!!

Post by Hugues TR4 » 01 Sep 2019 12:38

Hi Henri,

I can entirely understand that this PE is making you losing your mind!
Just helped a compatriot of ours getting his fixed a few months ago, but I also nearly went crazy!
This table's mechanism is extremely precise, but also very difficult to adjust as all functions' sequences are depending from each other very closely, and the access to the main commands are quite difficult.
I'm ready to try and help you by having a look on it if you wish.
I'm located near Ghent, but French is my mother tongue.
You can PM me any time to make contact.
Hope I can help you,


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