Platter bearing Dual 1219

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Platter bearing Dual 1219

Post by babadockia » 23 Aug 2019 14:28

All right, then! There's me again with a question about what the titles refers at. Here, on the service instructions provided by some distinguished members of this board, oil is prefered to grease, while on the german board dedicated to Dual, grease is the choice. Which one should I use? Thank you all in advance!
PS. I don't understand the love Lenco gets when, proper serviced, a 1219 is so much better in every way

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Re: Platter bearing Dual 1219

Post by Solist » 23 Aug 2019 23:40

Oil or grease, both will do the trick. I got better results using higher viscosity oil (100 or 150cst max). You are talking about the thrust bearing right?

In regard to the platter sleeve:

There were 2 different types of shafts used by Dual. The one with no grooves was supposed to be used with grease, while the one which has a groove was meant for oil (I am not 100% sure on this one, so someone correct me if I am wrong).

In general is a good idea to use the same oil on the platter sleeve and thrust bearing. Some oils really dont like to be in contact with one another, and they can cause a chemical reaction.

Both Lencos and Duals are good turntables. Some people just prefer all the options that the Lenco turntables offer.

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