Part of main segment stopped by the pawl

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Part of main segment stopped by the pawl

Post by Dual Wielding » 20 Jul 2019 04:25

Whenever I try the automatic start routine on my 1229, the tone-arm lifts up and moves across an inch or so then stops. The "pawl complete" (part 216 791), which is connected to the Switch Arm (218 308), is stopping the segment from rotating past a certain point, as shown here ..

The segment rotates fully when there is no pressure on the steuerpimpel, but when there is pressure you can see the segment goes down slightly. That little metal nub on the segment (not sure of correct name or part number) runs into a crossbar on the pawl.

I'm not sure what caused this problem is (are the parts worn or shifted or has it been incorrectly adjusted) and what I should do to rectify it.

Are the main segment and pawl abnormally close or is that normal?

Is the segment sitting at the wrong height and should be raised?

Should I try to bend the segment up a bit to increase clearance over the pawl?

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Re: Part of main segment stopped by the pawl

Post by ricksbsa » 21 Jul 2019 18:55

The pin your'e pushing should only be pressed in about 0.080 in. by the arm. Install a new rubber washer with the 2 detent balls. Check the segment guide adjustment. Read ALL the information posted here about the 1229, also the 1219. They are basically the same, and what you can't find on the 1229 is usually covered in 1219 posts.

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