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Dual 1264 Speed issue

Posted: 26 Jun 2019 04:43
by justin_havu
Just got a Dual 1264 in pristine condition, except for one thing--33 speed plays fine. However, 45 is a bit slow. Upon further inspection, it seems the belt isn't shifting all the way over. I can start the turntable at 33, then stop it. When it's stopped, I'll switch the speed to 45, start the turntable, and everything looks fine mechanically; the belt guide will shift accordingly, but the belt doesn't seem to want to shift downwards. Maybe it's the belt??

Re: Dual 1264 Speed issue

Posted: 26 Jun 2019 05:51
by mrow2
Read different posts relating to belts. Safe to say that all belts on Duals that use them are aftermarket belts. Most are not right for this complex speed control system. Proper belts can be sourced from (offers two sizes for 1264, based on feedback); also ( ... men/a-2634 ) Belts for Duals require precise thickness, width and lengths (which all affect elasticity of course). I generally found that belts which were too tight could cause the symptom you describe.