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1242 tonearm not returning at end of play

Posted: 17 Jun 2019 20:49
by noisefreq
I've taken the cam out and cleaned it.
I polished both pieces of the the copper "shutoff slide combo" and lubed everything on the cam as per the cam service details.

Still the arm will not lift at the end of the run-out groove.

Like "stop rail" (179) is not long enough to trip the "shutoff slide" tab?!?
Everything looks clean and freely moving.
All other functions work as they should.

What am I missing?
Thanks for any advice!

Re: 1242 tonearm not returning at end of play

Posted: 19 Jun 2019 08:56
Can you make sure the cam is 'parked' centrally as slight mis-alignment here may make the shut-off slide miss the copper trip pawls on the cam. The coper 'pawls' must not ideally be lubricated in my experience.

Also, I remember Dualcan Klaus mentioned that 'sometimes' the long shut-off lever can sometimes be slightly bent out of line by enthusiastic service people who may have got to the deck before. You'll have to trawl back and check his service procedures on his site (most Duals work the same even if the parts differ). The segment under the arm to which the long shut-off lever may be slightly adjustable by slackening off the two nuts which hold it and possibly rotating it a smidge.

I just want to add that this deck obviously worked fine for years so it's probably slight mis alignment - hopefully.