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Dual CS 741 Q suspension question

Posted: 08 Jun 2019 18:30
by sotpal
Hi guys,

being a "proud owner" of a 721, I'm thinking to get a CS741Q as well.
Reason being 741 was my childhood dream when i had a spartan CS 505 back then and the only CS741Q i could afford was the 741Q brochure :D

My question to anyone who owns or knows something about CS741Q:
What is the suspension used on that deck? I saw a schematic of its internal structure and it appears
to me that the platter and the tonearm are suspended but i cannot tell for sure because the drawing was not so clear.

Is it like that or is it that the whole deck sits on suspension feet actually?

P.S. The suspension system is not described well in either the owner's manual or the service manual, i have both...

Re: Dual CS 741 Q suspension question

Posted: 10 Jun 2019 20:47
by sotpal
Never mind guys.
Someone is selling on eBay a sales brochure for this TT.
It shows this deck has got a Hydrodynamic suspension system for the tonearm, motor and platter.