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DUAL 621

Posted: 23 May 2019 14:43
by gramoman

I have 621 in mint condition.The problem is,when switching start arm not go to the inception record,go to the middle record.Same situation is with 33 or 45 rpm.What can I do?

Re: DUAL 621

Posted: 23 May 2019 18:45
Look up Dualcan's site. yes, I appreciate the 621 isn't mentioned, but the basic principles of the auto mechanism are shared with most Duals from the mid 60's onwards I think.

Usual parts like the infamous pimpel must be researched and checked and replaced. Old grease should be removed and sparingly re-applied. Poster Mrow2 does pimpels, original grease pots and a clear service sheet. Your auto mech may be laid out slightly differently with the cam and many links under the platter and only the main lever and links to the 'flipper' seem to be underneath. Good thing is that the mech looks easy to service.

I'd also check the setting up of the arm lift adjustment (#202 in the service manual fig 8) as regards the cueing height adjustment (#45). These settings are reliant on each other on later decks as the mechanism became simpler. #141 is responsible for the indexing as well as cueing-lifting of the tonearm for example..