Dual 1209 - Appreciation

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Dual 1209 - Appreciation

Post by mdewberry » 17 Jan 2019 05:20

Long story ....short version... Went to a high end vintage market and was looking to purchase what I thought was a Dual 1019 (studied everything I could find here on VE) and got there and it was nowhere to be found! Ran across a perfectly preserved and well taken care of 1209! It has the large plastic cover and the beveled United base. Only one problem it needed a needle. It had the Shure 79 cartridge. Momma seen the frustration in my face and said "What's the problem with having yet another turntable at the house?" So I brought here home and installed a Audio Technica cartridge on that sled and read the instruction manual on the setup. Fired up my first idler table and lo and behind she played and tracked nicely. Only one problem!! She only has audio coming out the left speaker and weak output!! Well thanks to those on VE and having access to the owners/service manual, we got that fixed! One of the tabs on the muting switch was grounding out in play mode (cleaned contacts only).

The table sounds wonderful and I am pleasantly surprised how quiet the table is! I have other Technics tables that I love and have made room in my heart and in my listening area for this table!!

Thanks to all those on the forum for the helpful tips!

Will submit a pic this weekend!!

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