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1229Q (Wilma) Dearing Ring

Posted: 09 Dec 2018 22:55
by nmwhitneyjr
Yep... must have forced it. I swear I didn't push the multi/single play lever that hard but after I moved it I was rewarded with one of the ears falling out on the table. I tell myself it was already cracked...

So, did DualCan ever get the replacement part off the ground? I've found several posts on the prototyping work, but nothing about the final product.


Re: 1229Q (Wilma) Dearing Ring

Posted: 09 Dec 2018 23:29
by musicmn
Hi, yes that part is available from look for dualcanparts. There you will find a new bottom part for the dearing ring. I believe if you go to dualcans web site you will find a tutorial on how to remove the broken ears and attach the new bottom part. I hope this helps.

Re: 1229Q (Wilma) Dearing Ring

Posted: 10 Dec 2018 00:24
by mrow2
It may have had a hairline fracture already, my guess.

There is a thread here as well.... Will need to dig a little (dig ...dig...) think this is it:

Another thread:

It is one of the most discussed fixes in the Dual forum, also more than likely the most difficult
one to do. It will take patience, but it is doable. A really good work area is critical (my opinion).

Re: 1229Q (Wilma) Dearing Ring

Posted: 10 Dec 2018 14:52
by nmwhitneyjr
Thanks for the replies... good reading in those links. I'm going to order the repair piece from Shapeways today.

I read over the R/R procedure for the tonearm and DualCan's repair of the ring. Looks straightforward and tedious... just like I like it. I have a nearly 30 year old Mercedes Diesel that I keep on the road so I'm familiar at least with the concept of "over-engineered like no other" (and an excellent community of folks that want to keep them on the road).

If by "really good work area" you mean "kitchen table", I'm good. I've recapped two tube amps on that table. Going to remove the ring today.

Going to need a steuerpimpel too... mrow2, you sell those, correct? Should I pm you or do you have a link?

Re: 1229Q (Wilma) Dearing Ring

Posted: 11 Dec 2018 00:26
by jacrider
I found mrow2 on eBay with the same username. Dead easy to order. Comes with good instructions.

Re: 1229Q (Wilma) Dearing Ring

Posted: 11 Dec 2018 10:57
Get the flexible sleeving and alvania grease from Don too, while you're at it and be very sparing with any re-lubrication. less to clog up and clean off after ;)

Doesn't hurt to mention also that the 1229 is a true classic deck now and worth keeping going for future generations -

Re: 1229Q (Wilma) Dearing Ring

Posted: 12 Dec 2018 13:33
by nmwhitneyjr
Found him under "mrow22" on eBay. Going to order the pimpel and grease from him today.

The crappy part is I already had a replacement ring on hand.

I pulled the tonearm and have the gimbal prepped for DualCan's replacement ring. In doing so I noted that both ears were broken... but I only had one ear drop out of the deck when I moved the multi/single play lever. That tells me it was probably broken already.

Any suggestions on the type of epoxy to use attaching the new ring? I'm a J-B Weld user, but not sure that's the best in this case.

Re: 1229Q (Wilma) Dearing Ring

Posted: 14 Dec 2018 00:05
by mrow2
Yes I have the steuerpimpel and the single/multi retention washer pre-stretched and pre-lubed with Alvania.

I advise J-B Weld, have not seen anything better. Follow the Dualcan guidelines on applying the glue. Allow the recommended drying time. There are a lot of 2-part glues out there and quality varies. Freshness matters too, and with J-B Weld, you'll get the microscopic structure they describe on their packaging.

Re: 1229Q (Wilma) Dearing Ring

Posted: 17 Dec 2018 15:03
by nmwhitneyjr
Just put in my order for the pimpel and the grease. I assume that's sufficient grease to do the entire deck?