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Why I think I listen to vinyl most of the time..How about You..?

Posted: 13 Sep 2019 08:47
by goatbreath
I have realised,I find vinyl more comfortable and satisfying to listen to..
Specific records I enjoy on specific Turntable /Cartridges too..
There are records I love on vinyl that actually make me feel depressed on CD..
I think they sound depressing,less vivid tonal colour.,grey if you will..

In my small Flat/Apartment that has neighbours through the wall....
I am not bothered about the bigger dynamic range of CD etc..

The sound quality of CD can be very good indeed..
I have owned some really good CD players..
I own around 1000 Cd's maybe..
Some are great as background music,some genuinely are great..
Some I find irritating or depressing though..
I just seem to end up listening to records so much more..
They aren't perfect,but the jackpot rate seems to be higher..

There have been arguments that records are superior and the same for CD..
I don't care about that...That's not what this thread is about..
Go somewhere else for that..It's been discussed and argued to death..

I end up listening to way more vinyl because I find the information easier to absorb,
I get a higher feelgood factor from listening to it..
I generally feel less fatigued listening to vinyl against CD..
So listen longer..
CD may be more accurate etc..
I enjoy vinyl more though,,it probably is euphonic colouration,so what,am I not allowed to enjoy that..

Also to add,I sometimes enjoy listening to a conical Shure M75 B than more expensive Cartridges..
It has something to do with the sound,the tonal color of the cartridge,rather than the detail retrieval..
Accuracy,Meh!,if something tastes better with Ketchup on it..That's what I do..

From my Experience,it always sounds very different from the studio anyway..
I wish other people could have experienced the same as me here..
I giggle when people try to get snobby about it being like the master tape was in the studio..
I have recorded in Studios,,Co mixed etc..
i have always been shocked how different things sound on different speakers in a different room/non acoustically treated environment...
I have only ever recorded to Cassette then CD after that,also digital files of course..

So if something makes the music sound good and you want to listen more,that is what matters to me..
The more enjoyable that music sounds the better for me..

That is why the music I listen to ends up being on a Turntable so much of the time..

If something sounds depressing without Euphonic Colouration,why depress myself..??

There are things that sound great without that Euphonic Colouration of course too..
We can get to listen lots of different ways to the same music..

Re: Why I think I listen to vinyl most of the time..How about You..?

Posted: 13 Sep 2019 10:44
by Tonybro
Ditto, Goatbreath... :-)

Re: Why I think I listen to vinyl most of the time..How about You..?

Posted: 13 Sep 2019 11:00
by Bluesnote
I liken playing our vinyl to the Japanese Tea Ceremony. . . :)

Japanese Tea Ceremony represents harmony, respect, purity and tranquility which we must embrace in order to achieve the main purpose of the tea ceremony. This event is unique as every process from the tea equipment preparation until the tea is drunk has a distinctive technique.

Playing a CD is just a cold mechanical process, you have little input to the outcome. Vinyl has so many variables you can fine tune to suit your ear and preferences. I even like the interlude where you get up and flip the disc and settle back to listen to side two. A zen process where perfection is aspired to but never reached :wink:


Re: Why I think I listen to vinyl most of the time..How about You..?

Posted: 13 Sep 2019 11:13
by Tonybro
^ :-)

Re: Why I think I listen to vinyl most of the time..How about You..?

Posted: 13 Sep 2019 16:18
by rewfew
The Zen thing will do. I like the old ways. I don't use a smart phone, up until giving my truck away, I liked shifting gears. Using hand tools as much as possible doing woodworking. I just never eliminated vinyl from listening. And built my rig to reflect it's importance for me. As archaic as it seems in comparison to modern digital it's amazing how good it can sound. I've thought of streaming digital, but have never implemented it. Might be too late at my age to bother. Listening to records is a session for me, streaming digital would be just background.

Re: Why I think I listen to vinyl most of the time..How about You..?

Posted: 14 Sep 2019 00:53
by lbls1
You can feel vinyl in your own body when you listen to it. This is the closest analogy that makes me prefer it to other music media forms. It is an imperfect art form, as digital and cd reproductions are nothing short of incredible when it comes to range, but when it comes to live instruments and vocals, a well mastered vinyl is unbeatable.

Re: Why I think I listen to vinyl most of the time..How about You..?

Posted: 14 Sep 2019 01:17
by lenjack
Many of us became "experts" at vinyl, long before cds emerged. There is a mystique surrounding vinyl, almost a religious experience. If you've taken the time and effort to truly set up a turntable, arm, and cartridge, and all the fine little details, to get it just right, you know how just popping in a cd, and punching the start button, pales in comparison, even though the cd, may very well sound better.

Re: Why I think I listen to vinyl most of the time..How about You..?

Posted: 14 Sep 2019 18:46
by DualSpinsMyVinyl
"Because I am old and set in my ways". I entered the world the year before Columbia introduced the microgroove LP. I grew up with vinyl, during my teenage years "R to R" recording became the big thing, I ventured into that, invested in expensive recorders and boxes of tape. Transferred my LP's to tape and though I was hot stuff with twice as much stuff to support the tape habit. Then CD's were introduced during my mid 30's and I invested in that medium largely due to the fact that I perceived a drop in quality of LP's to favor CD's. About 10 to 12 years ago my wife presented me with an iPod so I downloaded almost 200 of my CD's in to the iPod to playback through a small bluetooth speaker to use at work for background music, I still use this setup every work day, it has its place. Then I discovered that some of my CD's were deteriorating and became unplayable. I lost almost a 3rd of them, I guess that it was poor manufacturing, because their storage was in a cool dry environment. So about 8 years ago I dusted off my vinyl collection, tuned up my turntables, and returned to my vinyl roots to enjoy the ritual of "playing a record". I have not looked back and have literlly tripled my vinyl collection, availing myself of our local recycled vinyl dealers. Long live vinyl.

Re: Why I think I listen to vinyl most of the time..How about You..?

Posted: 14 Sep 2019 19:01
by lenjack
Yes, it is a ritual, which possesses us, by it's familiarity and comfort, like a small child and a favorite toy. :) :oops: :wink: =D> :old-git: :-k :nirvana:

Re: Why I think I listen to vinyl most of the time..How about You..?

Posted: 15 Sep 2019 04:10
by vinyl master
This hasn't been discussed yet here, but have you ever thought that the vinyl itself is giving you a workout, which in turn may be helping to boost your mood??? And since you're already in a good mood, listening to the music on vinyl just enhances that feeling? :-k I will say that you'll get more exercise lifting a box of records than you'll ever get with a box of CD's! =D>

That said, the vinyl itself and the whole ritual aspect of it is exciting! I've looked forward to spinning a vinyl album at the end of the day much more than I have wanting to hear the same album on CD! It's familiar...It's comfortable...It's like soul food for the brain!

Going crate-digging is even more fun because you never know what you're gonna get, when you walk into the next record store, thrift shop, flea market or estate sale..."The luck of the draw" is in play here, too...I've also made some fantastic discoveries reading the liner notes, as well...What more could you want in a fun, cheap hobby??? :-k :D

Re: Why I think I listen to vinyl most of the time..How about You..?

Posted: 16 Sep 2019 06:46
by goatbreath
I think Partly Ritual..Partly Emotional,Partly why Fish and Chips from a Good Chippy are better than Salad..
Partly just as objects,and historical curios..
An older record with the date someone bought it written on it etc..
It is a piece of history,like an old guitar,you wonder what life it has led,what music it has played..
Records are like that too,they are also iconic objects in some ways..
Ones you get with things written on the inner bag..
Or indented from people using the outer cover as a support to write on..
I'm more used to CD's having cracked or Broken Covers,nowhere near as much fun..

People have cottoned on in the UK now,prices have went up..
Too much expense kind of spoils things,it makes you scared to play some of your albums too..
I liked it better when people looked down on you,
because they thought you unevolved because you weren't buying CD..
I was looked on like a tramp by some people for buying vinyl in the late 90s and early noughties..
I ws meanwhile having a cheap vinyl
I used to go to boot sales and charity shops a lot and the records were so cheap that I took chances..
some got moved on..I kept what I liked,or thought I might grow to like..
I discovered so much music that way..CD became a huge blessing for me,people got rid of their vinyl..
Second hand record prices in record shops have doubled in Edinburgh though the last year or so on some stuff..
The vinyl revival is on..I'm glad I took advantage when I did..
My health isn't up to boot sales anymore,other people can still gain though..
Them reissuing stuff on vinyl has been about 75% good though,yes even from digital masters..
It is the pressings that are far too quiet I dislike..Some Blue Notes,Metallica..
Surface noise from new..Really low sound level pressings..

I really do enjoy the sound of vinyl too though..
I guess that is because I have put Turntable/Arm/Cartridge combinations together based on the sound I like..

I was born in 1968 so grew up with Vinyl,I never got rid of mine..
Although my first record collection got stolen..
A lot of that stuff was very limited pressings and is very expensive and rare now..

I started again in 1986..
Some of that stuff is a bit rough now or got replaced..
I got my first CD player 1990,I think the Model was an Aiwa Xc 333..
It started malfunctioning within a year..
I could tell my turntable sounded better..
CD's would get played if I was doing other things though..
If friends were round and we were playing a board game,or I was tidying up..
I thought the sound of CD players really started to improve in the late 90s...

I had loads of vinyl by that point though..
So I played more vinyl anyway and as I figured out more and more about setting up turntables,
the sound got even better..
I had a Shure SFG 1 and a couple of protractors etc..
I experimented with surfaces etc..

I love Different Record Labels..The actual Paper Labels in the centre..

The two tone Green Harvest..The Pink Lined Island..The Black and White Two Tone..
The Apple Label..The Different 2 headed Virgin Label.The Charisma Mad Hatter..
Red ASD HMV Nippers..Various Decca ones,the Phase 4 ones look so cool..
The Elektra Butterfly Label,,Vertigo Spiral or Jellyfish...Blue Note..
Prestige..Verve.Or special labels related to the album cover art..
Or the band's logo like the Sisters of Mercy..
The smaller UK Punk labels I had as a teenager,that got nicked..
Beat The System,Riot City,No Future,Clay..
It all made a statement and gave them an identity..
Other Indie Labels and their Artwork like 4 AD,Factory,Rough Trade..
The list goes on..They are so close to you,you get this emotional attachment to them..
They look so good sitting on the turntable..

Then some records are a complete era and world within themselves..
A RCA Victor Dynaflex copy of The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders of Mars by Bowie..
Not a huge Elton John Fan,but all of the stuff that came with his albums in the 70s..
Stuff with Posters and Booklets..Wings were the same..
When you don't get them,you pretty much know they had been on someone's wall and got lost or a mess..
The Different Smiths covers with photos of bygone stars..
The Barney Bubbles Designs..
The cover of 21st Century Schizoid Man or the windows idea with Physical Graffiti..
The spinning wheel on Led Zeppelin III...The Daft cartoon on the inner cover of the Damned Machine Gun Etiquette
where it teaches you how to play Smash It Up...
Sometimes you get quips written into the run out grooves,,
Fear of Manchester or The Impotence of Being Ernest with the Smiths..
The Who Live at Leeds with all the Bits..

One thing I miss too is making compilation cassettes and decent quality Cassettes being inexpensive and Widely available....I liked Minidisc too,but they never took over from cassette..
Your friend wouid tape you a couple of albums to share with you..
Or how new friends swapped Compilation Tapes...Meaning cassettes there..
Home taping is Killing Music written on inner Bags with a Cassette and Crossbones..
Remember those inner