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My latest finds...and a few surprises!

Posted: 29 Jul 2018 13:57
by vinyl master
OK, guys...I've been busy lately and I thought I would share with you guys some of my latest finds and cool surprises! I can tell you that I am a happy camper today and that I found a new toy to play with and possibly, one of the oldest items in my collection... :-k :wink:

But, first things first...I recently went back to my favorite antique shop where I picked up my RCA Victor 9-JY...Not much to talk about in regards to all things audio...I did see this POC/faux turntable...


I can say that even the smaller Crosleys would be better than this thing because at least they leave a smaller carbon footprint...If I was trapped in an underground bunker with some of these...


...that machine would still be the LAST thing I would ever want to play music on...I love, too, how they make it look like one of those upright consoles of old, but fill it with no substance whatsoever...They could've just saved a tree IMO! :? What a waste! [-X

Anyway, I also saw this unique little Aiwa reel to reel tape recorder there...


Nothing big, but I did buy a few records such as these...

1. THE 5TH DIMENSION Anthology 1967-1973
2. DAVE MASON Dave Mason
3. KOOL & THE GANG Emergency
5. LOGGINS & MESSINA Loggins & Messina
6. PHIL SEYMOUR Phil Seymour
7. DON RALKE Introspection IV

Now that LAST one was the weird one of the bunch...Listen!

One of my favorite groups of all-time is the 5th Dimension and I didn't have that one! The Kool & The Gang LP I had on tape, but it should sound even better on vinyl!

Next, I had a chance to go back to my favorite thrift store where I recently picked up a ton of records like these...


I didn't find much this time but I picked up the following four records...

1. JOHN PATITUCCI John Patitucci
2. ERIC GALE Ginseng Woman (The last two some nice jazz fusion!)
3. SKEETER DAVIS I'll Sing You A Song And Harmonize Too (Some classic country!)
4. CHARLIE WEAVER Sings For His People

Of course, the last one again was the weird man out!

I also found this unique little digital camera, although I don't know anything about it and can't find any info online...It does work, though...


If any of you know anything about that one, I'm all ears! I just dug the look and color of it! :D

All well and good, but that was not all...Recently, I picked up these two "suitcase" radios from my local outdoor antique market, a Precor Model 550 and a GE P2740 "mini-swinger"...


Well, as you can see, there was a dial missing on the Precor...


It still works, though, and I ended up finding a similar model that didn't work...


It even came with the earphone and original box! So, my thought is that I could maybe make one radio out of two...Of course, if any of you guys have a spare dial that might work for one of these, let me know...maybe I can get the other one working, too, but no worries! I liked those so much, I also bought this Hong Kong-made Emperor in my favorite color, orange!


Very cool collectibles, but that's not the end of the story! :wink:

Today, I had a chance to visit a local outdoor flea market that is only held once a year...It's where I bought this Sanyo tape deck from a few years ago...


Last year, I attended the same market, and only picked up a few records...I mentioned it here... ... tart=11565

I thought that maybe today I would give it a second chance and I'm very glad I did! :D As mentioned, I found a new toy and possibly, one of the oldest items in my collection!

But, first, the records...

I wandered around and didn't see much equipment other than these kiddie phonos...


But, soon I discovered some records for $1.00 apiece and I picked up the following...


Some great ladies of jazz and blues right there! I also found this little 78' buried in the mix...


Then, here is a nice album I bought for the cover!


I actually sent some e-mails to Mr. Laine before he died and he was very courteous in responding to me! A wonderful man!!

Then, I found this one...


Imagine the folks in Washington being hilarious comedians without even realizing it! Of course, Congress was the national joke in Will Rogers' day (He even said so himself!) and I don't expect that to change any time soon! #-o

Anyway, I also found some great 45's...A couple of picture sleeved records from Elvis...


A couple from the 80's I didn't have...


An original Led Zeppelin 45'...


And then, these two...


Now, the Lonnie Mack 45' is actually one of his best IMO...

And the Bocky 45' I know nothing about, but it looks to be some very good 60's rock, as well...and on a white label!

Not bad, but I wanted to look a little more...I could've had a chance to pick through one vendor's 45 rpm collection, but since I arrived a little late to the party, he had already packed up the records! ALL was NOT lost however!

I mentioned picking up possibly the oldest item in my collection and this just might be it...One of the vendors used to run a coin-op/amusement business and he had some interesting items, including a bunch of these...


Notice that it was made back in 1910!


And I think it beats this Bessie Smith 78', which was my PREVIOUS winner in the oldest record category!


Now, I just need something to play it on...I think Chris has me covered, though!


It is a song called "My Hula Hula Love" by the Metropolitan Quartette...Here is what is sounds like!

Cool, eh? 8)

You never know what you're going to find at these places!

For example, for $1.00, I also picked up a bunch of CD cases...I can always use them for any spare CD's down the line and they don't take up much space...


...But, the one thing I wasn't expecting to find at the market was just sitting there calling my name...I didn't think I'd see one, especially at a flea market, but here goes...The guy wanted $60 for it...I asked if he would take $40..."How about $50", he said..."$45?"...He said "Sure!" and we shook on it! =D>

Anyway, I don't know where this one is gonna fit into my plans, but for my magic number of $45, here is the latest addition to my arsenal and #31, a Technics SL-D3!! #-o


Man, I am collecting these Technics machines like I did with my Duals! This is the third Techie now! :shock:

I do need your help, though, guys...Can anyone tell me what this cartridge is? There is nothing on the body of it anywhere...


Maybe you guys might have some suggestions? If not for this cartridge, maybe a replacement I could look into? Something different that I haven't tried?

In any case, one reason the TT was so cheap is that there is something going on with the hinges, according to the seller...


He said that one was possibly broke and wouldn't hold the dust cover right...I'm not sure about this one...Maybe it's a simple fix? Still, for what I paid, I'm not complaining!

I don't know how I get myself into these predicaments, but I wasn't going to just leave it there for that price!

Anyway, what do you think of my latest finds? :-k

If you have any comments, suggestions or thoughts for me, bring 'em on! I'll be glad to listen to any you might have! :D

In any case, it was another fun day out in the sun and I had a good time! Maybe next year's flea market will be even better, but I'm happy today! :mrgreen:

Re: My latest finds...and a few surprises!

Posted: 29 Jul 2018 14:13
by Japi Roelofs
Some interesting finds vinyl master! But somehow that doesn't surprise me...

The cartridge on the Technics looks like a Sanyo MG-29, aka Goldring Elan/Elektra. The stylus for it used to be available under the name 'Red Ed', but I'm not sure if these are still being sold.

The dust cover hinges are a known problem. I usually glue the parts back together with epoxy glue, then glue a very thin piece of metal on it for reinforcement. There's other methods, and some are quite fancy too. Some member here 3D-printed a nice looking substitute, I'll see if I can find it...

Re: My latest finds...and a few surprises!

Posted: 29 Jul 2018 14:29
by Japi Roelofs
This is the 3D printed dust cover tab repair: ... 6&t=104486

Here's another solution, made with aluminium brackets ... 18&t=99038

Re: My latest finds...and a few surprises!

Posted: 29 Jul 2018 21:29
by vinyl master
Thanks for the help, Japi!! I'll turn this beast into a beauty in no time now!! =D>

By the way, do you guys realize that for almost the same price as I paid for that quality-built Techie, I could walk into a place like my local Aldi store and buy one of these hideous-sounding contraptions??? #-o


...and it's ANOTHER brand not even listed here on VE!! :shock:

Seriously, which one would YOU guys rather own??? :-k

Re: My latest finds...and a few surprises!

Posted: 29 Jul 2018 21:47
by Tinkaroo
Those look like some very nice finds!

The wax cylinder is interesting and a good collectors item.

I like the new turntable too! =D> Is this officially number 30? :wink:

Re: My latest finds...and a few surprises!

Posted: 29 Jul 2018 23:18
by vinyl master
Tinkaroo wrote:
I like the new turntable too! =D> Is this officially number 30? :wink:
Well, that's the $64,000 question, Tink!! It's also one that I've been pondering hard...and one that I need a little help with...While I don't mind having an extra turntable or two here or there, I'd still like to keep things to 30, if I can help it...I do have some plans, though...If you can offer up any suggestions here... ... 8&t=106031

...I would truly appreciate it! Are there any diehard Technics fans out there that wanna give it a go??? :-k

I could use all the suggestions I can get!! ](*,)

Re: My latest finds...and a few surprises!

Posted: 28 Jul 2019 06:12
by vinyl master
Well, guys...I didn't mention this, but I had a chance today to spend some more time outdoors at my local outdoor flea market, one that is held ONCE annually! I didn't find much in the way of equipment this time, but I almost bought my 34th turntable...I was very good in that I held back, although this Silvertone was looking at me for $14, which I might have offered $10 for...


I dunno...It just wasn't screaming at me today... 8-[

Did I miss something good? :(

The only other phonograph I saw today was this Sunny Vox Music Center, priced at $75.00... :shock:


Too rich for my blood, so OK, no equipment...BUT I did pick up plenty of music...TONS of 45's, in fact...Here's a list of what I picked up...

1. THE CLASH Should I Stay Or Should I Go (One-sided single) (Epic)
2. ARETHA FRANKLIN 33 1/3 EP Let It Be/The Weight/Eleanor Rigby/This Girl's In Love With You/Share Your Love With Me (Atlantic)
3. THE SUPREMES & THE FOUR TOPS "The Magnificent 7" EP (Motown)
4. CAROLE KING Tapestry 33 1/3 EP You've Got A Friend/Smackwater Jack/Will You Love Me Tomorrow?/Where You Lead (Ode)
5. EURYTHMICS Would I Lie To You?/Here Comes That Sinking Feeling (PS) (RCA)
6. TEARS FOR FEARS Head Over Heels/When In Love With A Blind Man (Mercury)
7. BILLY SQUIER Eye On You/Calley Oh (PS) (Capitol)
8. CAT STEVENS Remember The Days Of The Old Schoolyard/Land O'Freelove & Goodbye (PS) (A&M)
9. THE ALLMAN BROTHERS BAND Brothers And Sisters 33 EP Come And Go Blues/Wasted Words/Jessica (Capricorn)
10. THE SUPREMES More Hits By The Supremes 33 EP Stop! In The Name Of Love/Back In My Arms Again/Ask Any Girl/Nothing But Heartaches/Mother Dear/Whisper You Love Me Boy (Motown)
11. DR. HOOK Years From Now/I Don't Feel Much Like Smilin' (PS) (Capitol)
12. FOREIGNER Waiting For A Girl Like You/I'm Gonna Win (PS) (Atlantic)
13. JOURNEY Open Arms/Little Girl (PS) (Columbia)
14. THE ALLMAN BROTHERS BAND 33 EP Whipping Post/Midnight Rider/Black Hearted Woman/Revival (Atlantic)
15. MARVIN GAYE What's Going On/God Is Love (Tamla)
16. BURTON CUMMINGS You Saved My Soul/Real Good (PS) (Alfa)
17. CLIMAX Precious And Few/Park Preserve (Carousel) (My mom always loved this song, so a gift for her...)
18. MICHAEL JACKSON Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough/I Can't help It (Epic)
19. STEVIE WONDER You Haven't Done Nothin'/Big Brother (Tamla)
20. THE COMMODORES Only You/Cebu (Motown)
21. THE RIGHTEOUS BROTHERS (You're My) Soul And Inspiration/B Side Blues (Verve)
22. STEVIE WONDER You Are The Sunshine Of My Life/Tuesday Heartbreak (Tamla)
23. JAMES BROWN AND THE FAMOUS FLAMES Money Won't Change You Part 1/Money Won't Change You Part 2 (King)
24. DION Purple Haze/The Dolphins (Laurie)
25. GLADYS KNIGHT & THE PIPS Friendship Train/Cloud Nine (Soul)
26. THE FIFTH DIMENSION Aquarius/Let The Sunshine In (The Flesh Failures)/Don'tcha Hear Me Callin' To Ya (Soul City)
27. THE FIFTH DIMENSION Up Up And Away/Which Way To Nowhere (Soul City)
28. MANFRED MANN Mighty Quinn (Quinn The Eskimo)/By Request - Edwin Garvey (Mercury)
29. JOE SOUTH Walk A Mile In My Shoes/Shelter (Capitol)
30. SLY & THE FAMILY STONE Thank You Falettin Me Be Mice Elf Agin/Everybody Is A Star (Epic)
31. JOE SOUTH Games People Play/Mirror Of Your Mind (Capitol)
32. SAM COOKE You Send Me/Summertime (Keen)
33. RANDY NEWMAN Short People/Old Man On The Farm (Warner Bros.)
34. CLASSICS IV Stormy/24 Hours Of Loneliness (Imperial)
35. LOOKING GLASS Brandy (You're A Fine Girl)/One By One (Epic)
36. SPANKY & OUR GANG Sunday Mornin'/Echoes (Mercury)
37. THE SUPREMES You Keep Me Hangin' On/Remove This Doubt (Motown)
38. STEVIE WONDER Sir Duke/He's Misstra Know-It-All (Tamla)
39. THE HUMAN LEAGUE Don't You Want Me/Seconds (PS) (A&M)
40. MICHAEL JACKSON Rock With You/Working Day And Night (Epic)
41. THE FIFTH DIMENSION One Less Bell To Answer/Feelin' Alright? (Bell)
42. SLY & THE FAMILY STONE 33 EP Thankful N' Thoughtful/Let Me Have It All/In Time/Skin I'm In (Promo) (Epic) (I have the cover for this somewhere, but needed a good copy of the record!)
43. ROY ORBISON Oh Pretty Woman/Yo Te Amo Maria (Monument)
44. CHICAGO Stay The Night/Only You (PS) (Full Moon/Warner Bros.)
45. RITA COOLIDGE The Way You Do The Things You Do/I Feel The Burden (Being Lifted Off My Shoulders) (PS) (A&M)
46. FRANK SINATRA Theme From New York, New York/You And Me (We Wanted It All) (Reprise)
47. THE CHARLIE DANIELS BAND Volunteer Jam Part 1/Part 2/Part 3 (PS) (Kama Sutra)
48. KENNY ROGERS & DOLLY PARTON Islands In The Stream/I Will Always Love You (PS) (RCA)
49. DIRE STRAITS Walk Of Life/One World (Warner Bros.)
50. TOM DURDEN Elvis/Elvis (Westbound)
51. HANK BALLARD & THE MIDNIGHTERS The Continental Walk/What Is This I See (PS) (King)
52. TRAVIS WAMMACK Scratchy/Fire Fly (Ara)

Did I tell you ALL 45's were 50 cents each and all look to be in decent playable shape???! :mrgreen:

That wasn't all I plucked, either! :D

I bought four 8-tracks...

1. CHAD & JEREMY Best Of
2. STEVIE WONDER Songs In The Key Of Life
3. THE CARPENTERS The Singles 1969-1973
4. THE FIFTH DIMENSION The Greatest Hits On Earth (I have this one already, but I never pass up the 5th when I thrift! :wink:)

...5 CD's...

2. MARC COHN Listening Booth:1970
3. EVA CASSIDY American Tune
4. VARIOUS ARTISTS Finger Poppin' Time: Best Of O.D. Vol. 1 (Ripete compilation)

and then, 5. a version of CARL ORFF's "Carmina Burana" on CD...

Last, but not least, I bought another metal Platter Pak for the LP's in two-tone tan & 6 LP's!

1. THE PUNCHINELLOS The "Punchy" Punchinellos (Art) (This looks to be some sort of comedy LP, but it's signed by Ralph Michael...)
2. EMERSON, LAKE & PALMER Tarkus (Cotillion) (I didn't have a copy of this, but I thought I'd give it a chance for $1.00)
3. THE PLATTERS In The Still Of The Night (Pickwick 33)
4. DIANA ROSS & THE SUPREMES 'Live' At London's Talk Of The Town (Motown) (Being as big a Diana Ross fan as I am, I'm surprised I didn't have this one! :shock:)
5. JOHNNY CASH Any Old Wind That Blows (Promo LP) (Columbia)
6. OTIS REDDING History Of Otis Redding (Atco)

More records in very good shape and I didn't pay more than $5.00 for any of them, with the first three $1.00 apiece...

I was mulling over buying this white BSR 45' adapter and 45' insert for $8.00, but I decided against it...If I'm going to go for one, a Dual AS-9 would be more my speed, but still, all in all, a fun day out with a few cool finds on the cheap! What's not to love??? :wink: :lol:

Re: My latest finds...and a few surprises!

Posted: 28 Jul 2019 09:46
by Tinkaroo
That was a great selection of records you found at bargain prices too! =D>

The pickings looked pretty slim on the equipment side though, but in time you will find number 34. :wink:

Re: My latest finds...and a few surprises!

Posted: 30 Jul 2019 04:19
by Big B5515
I noticed several interesting singles in there this time, and a album or so as well. I'll mention that the cover art on that Emerson Lake & Palmer "Tarkus" album pretty much perfectly described the attitude, and my impression of someone living here, back when she used to have a few beers too many, before finally becoming too ill to drink. #-o :? [-o<

Re: My latest finds...and a few surprises!

Posted: 31 Jul 2019 01:58
by vinyl master
By the way, on second thought, I can't say I didn't buy ANY equipment, as I did buy this nice Bulova transistor radio...Pure gold to me! :mrgreen:


Re: My latest finds...and a few surprises!

Posted: 31 Jul 2019 09:38
by Tinkaroo
vinyl master wrote:
31 Jul 2019 01:58
By the way, on second thought, I can't say I didn't buy ANY equipment, as I did buy this nice Bulova transistor radio...Pure gold to me! :mrgreen:

That looks like a great little radio! =D>

I remember seeing lots of similar radios for sale in the local shop window as a kid and wishing I could afford one.

Is that the same Bulova as the watches?

Re: My latest finds...and a few surprises!

Posted: 31 Jul 2019 09:50
by vinyl master
I believe it is one and the same, Tink, and it only cost me a couple of fins! :wink:

It has a nice look about it, doesn't it? :-k

Re: My latest finds...and a few surprises!

Posted: 31 Jul 2019 10:57
by Tinkaroo
vinyl master wrote:
31 Jul 2019 09:50
I believe it is one and the same, Tink, and it only cost me a couple of fins! :wink:

It has a nice look about it, doesn't it? :-k
Not to shabby for a sawbuck vinyl master! :wink:

I'm sure the photos don't do it it's due justice. 8)