AR The Turntable - Newbie project.

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Re: AR The Turntable - Newbie project.

Post by MuZak » 25 Mar 2017 19:55

Hello Dan... Welcome..

You have a good platform to work with!!

You ought to get better springs... Especially for that arm... Try Vinyl Nirvana.. tell him which arm you're going to be using.. I believe he has experience with them.
They'll be correct and consistent..

With regard to the bearing..
I'd suggest you remove the subchassis from the deck, especially since you have no arm (yet) to fiddle with.
Easier to do all the maintenance properly..
(easier to refinish the base too... which you should, since it will be gorgeous when done)..

The bearing sleave doesn't rotate.. its basically just a bushing.
As mentioned it must be TOTALLY silent!
If a thorough cleaning doesn't make it pristine, the cure is basically an automotive one.
A "cleanup" hone with light crosshatch, then a polish.
Polish the spindle too... it isn't difficult.
Make sure to get a thrust bearing.
You might also want to check to see that the spindle is straight... (or at least reasonably so)

Cartridges are about budget... so many good options, cheap to $$$$..
With mainly soul and funk... there's no need for astronomical..
Same goes for amps and speakers...
Match the amp to whatever speakers you wind up choosing..
Building new ones... even a kit.... may be easier than trying to refurb an oldie.. unless you have a favorite (vintage speaker)..
Keep asking around about that, b4 you take a decision..
Parts Express has some decent speaker kits... especially as a starter-system type thing, for very reasonable money.
A GOOD phono preamp REALLY helps though! I'd concentrate resources there.
Vintage amps are a LOT of work to put right... and they're getting scarce, so expensive now.
DIY (and kits) are a good alternative... if you have the skills.

Also, there are other "mods" you can do to that table!
Some make a BIG improvement for not a lot of cash...
I recommend consulting snfronston here for suggestions..
The arm you'll be using merits them.

BTW, what are some cool funk and soul albums that you have???

Good luck with your project!!

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Re: AR The Turntable - Newbie project.

Post by Danjoswal » 14 Apr 2017 23:04

Hi folks, apologies for the very late reply - I've been working away. Thanks a lot for your help, I've had a very informative PM as well as your replies on this thread. I think I need to replace the bearing plate and give everything a good clean and polish. As far as the tonearm goes the SME series III is out of my price range so I will go with a Linn arm and see how I get along!

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Re: AR The Turntable - Newbie project.

Post by Edgeman » 08 Mar 2019 14:22

Larry8 wrote:
19 Mar 2017 14:07
Hi, I've seen other labels with the complete month, day, year date format, but mine just has "561 '85 41" so it would seem the year is 1985 but don't know what is represented by the "561" or "41"
Mine is similar with the "561 '84 48" numbers.

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Re: AR The Turntable - Newbie project.

Post by cre009 » 10 Mar 2019 16:21

Danjoswal wrote:
18 Mar 2017 17:31
I don't believe I have one of these. It's quite hard to identify what's at the bottom of the well actually, it just looks metallic to me. Where might I get one?
The common method for extracting the white delrin thrust plate is to use a small piece of blu-tac on the blunt end of a pencil. However the well must be dry of oil otherwise the blu-tac wont stick with the risk of it dropping off the pencil into the well. If there is oil in the well it is hard to make out the thrust plate so clean/dry the well first using isopropyl alcohol and then check if you can see the plate.

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Re: AR The Turntable - Newbie project.

Post by noisefreq » 19 Apr 2019 16:08

I've had good luck using a drinking straw and pulling a suction on the (dry) thrust plate.

Can also make sure the choosen side is up when reinstalling using this method.