RB-300 rebearing.

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RB-300 rebearing.

Post by awty » 28 Oct 2013 05:27

Hi all
Just a little note to those who might want to replace there bearings. I'm not going to go through the full process as most of it is self explanatory. Just a couple of points, that I'm not sure has been brought up before. I couldnt find any decent guide anyways.

This little inner nut on the vertical bearing does undo it just has a bit of locktight or similar preventing it from undoing past half a turn.
Think I'll leave it this way as I took out the little VTF spring ages ago and the rest is just a housing. Should make it easier to fine tune the bearing.
rega bearing 2.jpg
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And there are a couple of screws under some plastic caps, that you should undo before you remove the arm post .....ooops.
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The bearings came out with a gentle tap and the new bearings went in easy.
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I got my bearings from a forum friend in Germany.
Here are the sizes.
MF 84 2Z
F 686 2Z

2 per axis

Smooth as silk.......oh and the space time continuum hasnt been effected...I think :D
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Re: RB-300 rebearing.

Post by Maxfet+ » 19 Nov 2019 10:03

Hello how do you reconized that the bearings had to be changed?
I was thinking to clean them before may be
Also searching on Google the sizes you mention i am not able to find them

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