What Made You Buy A Rega Tt?

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What made you buy a Rega TT?

Post by eldarvanyar » 12 Aug 2010 16:53

As a newbie I thought this would be a good way to learn more about Regas.

Why did you buy a Rega, was it the cost, modability, sound, dynamics etc?

If there are any modded ones pics would be good

Thanks :D

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New Rega P2

Post by atule1969 » 12 Aug 2010 22:27

I just received my new reaga P2 and am extremely happy. I am just getting back into vinyl after a 20 year absence (of course al my great classic albums are long gone). Any way, I first tried to go the vintage route with a refurbed Dual 1219. That was a big mistake as the parts and other issues caused me more grief that I could stand. I just wanted to listen to music. I researched, read the blogs, and it was a toss-up between the Pro-ject or Rega. I was a bit concerned about a totally manual TT, but now that I have the P2 it is not a problem. The unit is so simple and Rega put more into the tone arm and motor, skipping all the extra mechanical stuff.
Now my focus is to hit some flea markets and estate sales and pick up some decent vinyl. Cheers.

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Post by philmch » 12 Aug 2010 22:35

I bought my Planar 2 in 1986. It was the replacement for a Pioneer PL320 which I bought in 1982 and had broken down three times.

I chose the Rega as it had good reviews in the hifi press and I was after reliable kit. I liked the look of it too. I paid £125 for it from Brady's in Liverpool. And yes, that was lot of money in those days. One of my friends considered me "mad" to spend that much on a single component as a grotty midi system could be had for a fraction of the price.

I'm inclined to say that time has shown the wiser. The Rega has broken down just once in the 24 years I've owned it and it was cheap to repair. And it sounds as good as ever. One of the best things I've ever bought. :D

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Post by Gothmeister » 13 Aug 2010 12:33

I bought my first Rega on 29th October 1979, from Grahams of Pentonville Road. It was a Planar 3, serial number 123076, with the S-shaped R100 arm. It cost me £138.50 and I still have the receipt. I can't remember what cartridge I originally used with it, but a succession of A&R, Ortfon and Regas followed. I still have my A&R P77 and Rega R100.

It replaced a WELL used Thorens TD150

Like philmch, I bought it based on the reviews it got.

In 1999, it received an RB300 arm, an Elys, the latest felt mat and the new Rega feet and it stayed like that until it was traded in this year for the P3-24/TT-PSU.

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Post by MadMax » 13 Aug 2010 14:11

Bought my turntable in 2006 so I could steal my parents' record collection (it was in the loft gathering dust anyway).
Chose a P3 as I liked the simple design and the price.

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Post by JaS » 13 Aug 2010 14:27

I bought my first Rega (a used Planar 3 with RB300) on the strength of the reviews. Other than putting it on a wall shelf and trying a few cartridges I left it stock for about 5 years while I struggled to find a CD player that was as enjoyable to listen to :wink:


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Post by c-wilson » 13 Aug 2010 20:00

after much listening I bought a P2/RB250 because it was the best sounding deck I could afford. The strange thing is the 26 or 7 years later, I still have rega, for the very same reason. The numbers have changed over the years, going up and down, but the basics remain true. (P2-P3-P25-P9). I was also a long time finding a CD player that I enjoyed as much. When I did, it also had Rega on the front.

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Post by Axlinscotland » 13 Aug 2010 23:54

Im leaving the UK in aprox 4 months. Im going back to the other side of the planet, to Chile.

After 3 years reading about tts in this forum and magazines I decided to have a Rega P3 as the one I'm taking abroad, in Chile there is no market for turntables. I thought about quality built, sound, reliability, spares availabity and most of all price. I received mine 4 days ago and I still can't beleive what i had been missing from my records (more than 1000 that I'm also taking to Chile).


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Post by Jorlsafar » 14 Aug 2010 18:30

I got my first rega, a planar 2 with a Linn K5, for free :D It made me go back
to vinyl as my main source of music. I could not afford one in the day.

The first rega I bought was a planar 3 with an old elys for 50 Euro.
I changed motor. The planar 3 is better, but the planar 2 is one rocking TT and
will always hold a special place in my heart.

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Post by superfunk » 27 Aug 2010 00:54

Now everyone here will hate me :twisted:

I bought a second hand Planar2 because it was cheap and becacuse of all the people around forums telling me that my 1200 was baaad.
I used to live in Essex, not far from Rega factory, lots of people had one, so it was an easy find and i thought it was worth a try...
And it actually was..it had a really sweet sound to me, but it wasn't very comfy at changing speed or carts, plus there was something that put me off with his rotation.
Sold it after few months. that beautiful damn thing could not spin at the right speed, and wasn't even able to keep the wrong one... Bought a second one, still second hand..sold for the same reason, but this time i noticed i was earning some money by selling it in spares.
Bought a third one, it was still not spinning right, but the game was selling the spares, so...
i bought a fourth one.. :lol:
Anyway, i'm back to my Technics happy family:
a standard Sl1200mk2, another one with audiomods tonearm and a fantastic Sl7... i'm so happy, i'm not thinking about other TTs anymore and i'm spending my money on records!


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Post by thumpin » 27 Aug 2010 04:03

I had a Rega Planar 2 given to me in 2003. It was fitted with an Audio Technica Arm and a Ortofon Cart. I experimented with it for a couple of months and then moved it on to happy buyer.
I went back to my SL-120 with RB250 Arm and was happy again.
Then a Planar 3 with a Micro Seiki Arm came up for sale at a good price.

Well the rest is history and I'm still using the Planar 3 daily. I've swapped carts about 6 times but settled on the old reliable Denon DL-160. I tryed the RB250 arm and went back to the Micro arm.
I think the Rega Planar/Micro combo is on-par with the Technics SL-120/RB250 in overall performance but maybe its got a touch more balance and punch :shock: .

Rega's are good value, good at retaining value and easily modded for those that are hardware challenged or love the bling, like me :roll:

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Post by Alec124c41 » 27 Aug 2010 04:48

I found my Planar 2, with Rega/Acos arm, at a garage sale, about 20 years ago. I had never had enough money for one, new.
Some work, and it was running nicely.
The best mod I have made was the machined metal sub-platter.


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Post by trehane » 08 Sep 2010 19:16

Heard of them through a friend, saw a Planar 2/250 at a flea market. Bought a belt, that revealed a motor glitch, upgraded the motor, read about tweaks, found a Groovetracer sub platter and platter, saw an Icognito set someone was selling, Michell Technoweight, cartridge. For only eighty bucks and a small fortune I have a lovely sounding Planar 2. No regrets at all.

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Post by Sky » 10 Sep 2010 05:22

I got a P3-24 last week after reading all the rave and reviews many years.
I like the simple design and the price!

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Post by safe1 » 10 Sep 2010 14:37

Talking about brand new turntable purchases,

i bought a Rega P3 because nothing beats it in that price range.

Although some of its components are mediocre (it doesn't have a lot, does it? :lol: ), the RB300 seems to make the difference.

Although a strong yearning for old school turntables has flooded me lately,
i still cannot tell that they can sound better than my P3.

I love them both though...

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