Planar 2 with Green Logo- What year?

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Planar 2 with Green Logo- What year?

Post by vidguy » 20 Jun 2010 00:16

My Planar 2 has a green Rega Logo on the plinth, a green logo on the dust cover, a green dot on the counter weight, and green bias selector.

It does not have a wood surround, and it has an RB250.

It looks like this one here:

Any ideas as to age?

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Post by wobbleu » 22 Jun 2010 11:21

When this question has arose previously - no one has been able to provide an answer. I'm not aware the serials/years has been published anywhere.
You could try emailing Rega (or your local dealer) but can't say whether you'll get the info you need.

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Re: Planar 2 with Green Logo- What year?

Post by omr » 19 Jan 2020 23:42

I purchased an used green logo Planar 2 in 2010, and was wondering the same thing. Mine also has the green insert in the counterweight, but the logo on the dust cover was black. The s/n is 297263.

I personally haven’t seen, and can’t find online, an example of a "REGA planar 2" that has a green logo with the word planar spelled out on any series that did not include the RB250 tonearm, which was introduced in 1984.

According to Rega’s own timeline , the next modification of the planar 2 after 1984 was the “renaming” as P2 in 2000, which included the logo then printed as "P2."

Someone please correct me, but even when Rega reintroduced/renamed any models from P1, P2, etc. back to "planar," the printed logo remained as the letter and the number, i.e. P2, rather than spelling out the word "planar" ever again.

So, as far as I can tell, the green “REGA planar 2” logo appears only in the 1984-2000 series.

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