Rega RP8 RCA cable replacement

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Rega RP8 RCA cable replacement

Post by deano023 » 28 Nov 2019 09:14


First time poster here. Just a question of interest.. I have a friend with a Rega RP8 turntable which had an issue not long after buying it where it would hum, like it had a bad ground or something. Moving the RCA cable around would fix it temporarily so this would suggest a bad connection or cable.

As he works long hours and can't often get away for something like this, I helped him out by taking it to the authorised repair center for this area and they diagnosed a faulty RCA/tonearm cable. It took what seemed like forever for the replacement part to arrive from overseas and they installed it. The turntable is now back and it seems fine now (at least to me), but my friend noted that the original RCA cable to the turntable was white in colour, whereas the new cable is black.

Other than the colour difference, there is no visible difference in the original and replacement cables, both cables have the markings "REGA Low-Capacitance High-Performance Tonearm Cable" and have the same locking RCA plugs. He went on to say that when he was selecting the turntable to buy he noticed the RP6 and some of the cheaper Rega turntables had the black coloured cable so he suspects that maybe he has been short-changed?

I'm not so suspicious. Because there is no other markings on the cable whatsoever to denote different models or grades of cable I tend to believe Rega would probably use the same grade cable for all their turntables, and the colour difference is merely aesthetic, and given the choice if I was replacing the cable I would have also chosen black to match the power cable and the colour of the TT itself.

After looking around on the internet I am unable to find any information to point one way or the other? So this is why I am putting it out here on this forum, as I noted there was a Rega section and many of you here are probably better qualified to answer this question than myself or my friend.

Just out of interest, the part number for the replacement RCA/tonearm cable listed on the warranty form ended in: T1000-A10.

Any input from anyone who might know the answer to this curious question would be greatly appreciated.

Kind Regards,

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Re: Rega RP8 RCA cable replacement

Post by noisetier » 28 Nov 2019 20:35

Hello deano023,

This is the new cable that now comes with the new P8 with RB880 tonearm. This was a change Rega already implemented at the end of the production of the RP8/RB808 tonearm (my RP8 bought at the end of 2017 came fitted with that same low capacitance black cable). I now have a new P8 too and, for sure, it has the same black cable as my RP8. So your friend can rest assured, this is an official Rega cable also used on the RP8 at the end of its production lifetime and the good thing is: it may even be better than the old white one. (And this cable for sure is of a higher quality than the black one that came with lower RP models)

Kind regards


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