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R200: Refurb or replace?

Posted: 29 Sep 2019 12:41
by originalshare
I've had my old planar 3 with R200 arm boxed up in a cupboard for the last 6 months due to moving house. Unfortunately I set it up this week and I keep intermittently losing the right channel, I've tried taking a chunk of cable off and soldering on new RCA connectors but I'm still getting the intermittent loss and I'm beginning to suspect it's probably where the cable takes a sharp turn under the turntable and I lack the soldering and technical skills to tackle that so I've got a few of options here:

1. Get the arm rewired entirely. I was looking at Audio Origami but the options listed on the website are a bit bewildering so advice would be appreciated. I've also seen 'The Vinyl Source' on ebay who are based fairly near to my work so I wouldn't need to worry about courier damage but I've not seen any reviews or feedback on them anywhere. The bias belt on mine works but I'm sure failure is imminent so someone that can replace that too would be great.

2. Buy newer arm. There seems to be quite a few arms that'd be a straight swap (Rb300 etc) but they all seem quite expensive considering what I'm reading suggests they'd all need upgrades or rewired to be a substantial upgrade on the r200, and they're not as good looking.

3. Sell up and buy something new. Currently I've only upgraded to a Tangospinner subplatter and Nagaoka MP110 but it sounded pretty good to me. Longer term I'd still want to upgrade the motor though which could be another £120-£150.

Re: R200: Refurb or replace?

Posted: 30 Sep 2019 04:57
by Alec124c41
You can use a multimeter to narrow down the problem area, although intermittent problems are a problem.
Check the headshell wiring. Sometimes the clips are loose. Clean them and the headshell/arm contacts with a bit of contact/control cleaner, and maybe the eraser on a pencil.
If you can induce ore stop the problem by wiggling anything, that would be a good place to look.
RCA plugs should be a tight fit on the connectors, not an easy slip-on. Pinch the skirts, if necessary.
I might presume that you have swapped the left and right plugs on the back of the amp.


Re: R200: Refurb or replace?

Posted: 30 Sep 2019 22:14
by originalshare
Thanks. I don't have a multimeter so it's been trial and error with this. Initially it was pretty easy to induce it by wiggling the cables hence why I charged in and fitted new rca plugs, made sense that they'd have given up after decades of being flexed around. It did seem to be working yesterday, bizarrely twice when it cut it, it was solved by unplugging and plugging in the output cables from the preamp which now has me questioning my fono mini. I'll run through your other suggestions too, see if I can narrow this down.

Re: R200: Refurb or replace?

Posted: 05 Oct 2019 18:57
by originalshare
After a bit of a wild goose chase with this I suspect it's something very odd going on with my google home max. The loss of the right channel was genuine but solved with new connectors but I'm still get volume drops with the google home. I can't replicate any issue now with headphones but the google home will randomly drop output volume (settings don't actually change) and it remains at the lower level until any part of the system is unplugged and plugged in.

Unless anyone has any ideas I might need to suffer this until I find space to get my amp and speakers set up again.

Re: R200: Refurb or replace?

Posted: 24 Oct 2019 07:14
by Rega888
Try wiggling the left and right turntable RCA input to the phono jack .
Sometimes even new RCAs may have faulty breakage internal connection .

Re: R200: Refurb or replace?

Posted: 24 Oct 2019 20:16
by fudgemaster
To avoid chasing wild geese, it might've preferable to wait until you have a full proper system working? Hopefully not too long to wait.

Re: R200: Refurb or replace?

Posted: 26 Oct 2019 14:36
by originalshare
Thanks. I picked up a second hand graham slee gram amp 2 se and still had the issue. I've also done a fair bit of listening now with headphones which doesn't replicate the issue so I'm 99% sure it's some sort of issue with the google home max, probably it's active equalisers messing things up. It's a pity as it sounds really pretty good when it's working properly and I've not found anyone else complaining of the same issue.