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Planar 1 upgrade... nagaoka mp-110 or Fono Mini A2D

Posted: 07 Dec 2018 14:31
by Utterchaos23
Hi all - a short question....

I'm currently running my Rega Planar 1 (2016) though an Onkyo TXRZ800 then a NAD 350c as a power amp...

So... which upgrade will give me more noticeable improvement?

nagaoka mp-110 or Fono Mini A2D (or another similar phono stage)


Re: Planar 1 upgrade... nagaoka mp-110 or Fono Mini A2D

Posted: 14 Jan 2019 16:40
by Lion89
Hi, not the cartridge. The lower end Rega’s don’t take to cartridge upgrades easily; it can be done , but I would read others experience first before you jump; there is lots of info on these forums. It depends on what you are expecting? There are simple upgrades you can perform, but it’s important to bear in mind, you might not like how it sounds once you change it. The worst part of the P1 is the platter by far. Upgrading this makes a huge difference. You could upgrade your stylus from LP gear without changing the cartridge. These 2 upgrades would cost about £110 or $170. It will improve the detail , balance of mids highs & lows & sibilance a huge amount. If you want to go for the clean sweep then upgrade the sub platter also. That is as good as you can make a P1 without spending so much that it would have made more sense to by a P3

Hope this helps