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FunkFirm's Ready Made Upgrade Kit for Rega 3

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FunkFirm's Ready Made Upgrade Kit for Rega 3

Postby mayebaza » 13 May 2018 12:12

FunkFirm has introduced an upgrade kit for the 3 looks very interesting, especially the feet. ... _11_5_2016)&mc_cid=00995d4da7&mc_eid=503ab7c817
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Re: FunkFirm's Ready Made Upgrade Kit for Rega 3

Postby DSJR » 16 May 2018 19:39

Buy a kit or a brand new Planar 3, or sell your Planar 3 and buy a new Planar 6?

The current Planar 3 sounds more 'open' than an old one in my opinion and I feel the RB330 has brought the original RB concept up to date without radically changing it - it seems to let the music 'breathe' more without drillings or pipe replacements and so on.

Over to you chaps - and it seems many of you like to alter the basic deck with no conscience. I like the concept of the F7 tonearm, but it seems frail to me and not very well finished, the counterweight having a tight-spot every revolution on the one I played with, which may mean nothing in practise - I fear for the longevity of the thread bearings in domestic use, knowing how abused some gear can be in its lifetime. The Bo!ng feet may be useful though to those not using the Rega wall shelf, which used to improve bass 'tunfefulnes' no end I remember.
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