SRM Tech Silent Base + 2016 Planar 3

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SRM Tech Silent Base + 2016 Planar 3

Post by ArchitectEDIN » 12 Mar 2018 11:59

This my first post on Vinyl Engine, so go easy on me.

I have a Rega Planar 3, the latest (2016) model. I got it in November and instantly loved it, so I immediately set about upgrading it.

The last upgrade was the SRM Tech Silent Base. I should say that the improvements this gives are awesome. Deeper, more detailed base. Shimmering symbols. Blacker background. More subtle details. It is a wonderful thing, so don't let my post put you off.

I contacted SRM before buying the base. Stuart at SRM was clear that the base was not specifically designed for the new Planar 3. He told me that some recent buyers had difficulty operating the on/off switch which is under the plinth. The gap between the underside of the plinth and the top of the silent base is about 20mm. I planned to leave the deck permanently on and use a wall socket switch to control the power.

The base comes with detailed, written instructions but I still found it a stressful experience.
I was unable to separate the circuit board from its black plastic housing as noted in the instruction. The wires connecting the on/off switch to the circuit were not long enough to allow the motor to sit comfortably. The circuit board housing is taller than the 20mm gap between the board and plinth. To allow the housing to sit in the slot provided, I cut the wires connecting the on/off switch. I bonded them in a permanent on position and wrapped them in tape (see the photos attached)

This may seem drastic, or stupid, but it doesn't bother me. I can easily reverse the cut and reinstate the switch if required. Since I always planned to leave the switch on, this wasn't too big a deal. I appreciate this may horrify some people.

I emailed Stuart at SRM and told him about my issue. I am a professional designer and run my own business, I always appreciate constructive feedback and so did Stuart.

Has anyone else had this issue, or did I miss a really obvious step in the process?


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Re: SRM Tech Silent Base + 2016 Planar 3

Post by hajduk » 02 May 2019 10:49

as I am about to do the same mod, I am very happy that you did it before me.
Thank you for posting!
As I tackled the PSU issue with my Rega Planar 3 (2017), I had to remove the circuit board from the plastic housing.
This is VERY difficult and often comes to the point where you think the board will break or various electric components or your fingers...
So I can understand your trouble.
Even if you do remove the circuit board, the question remains where to put it, as the housing will not fit to the plint again together with the silent base below.
I have seen a solution where someone cut it into pieces, leaving only the part which holds the circuit board intact, and screwing it back to the plint. Another stuck the circuit board with double sided tape back on to the plinth.

I am not sure what I will do. As I already modified the circuit board (my PSU gives 2 sinus signals and earth instead of only one sinus and earth as the Rega TTPSU does), I might as well ditch it completely. But then I will have to look for a good solution too.
As I have a 3D printer in house, I might as well design a small housing that fits onto the silent base.
I will report when I ordered and installed the silent base during the next few weeks!

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Re: SRM Tech Silent Base + 2016 Planar 3

Post by hajduk » 24 Jun 2019 19:05


finally I did the mod with the silent base, and yes, I encountered the problem with the missing place for the circuit board of the motor unit.

Finally, I designed a housing for my 3D printer which slides into the cutout in the silent base and mimicks the original housing such that the circuit board fits into it neatly with a snap fit.
Not perfect yet, but good enough.
Sorry for the bad pictures.


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Re: SRM Tech Silent Base + 2016 Planar 3

Post by dysmike » 24 Jun 2019 19:23

Kool, very nicely done.

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