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Rega Ania MC Exprience

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Rega Ania MC Exprience

Postby Merulz » 21 Jan 2018 09:26

Hi everyone,

I have just installed the Rega Ania MC cart to my 2016 P3 previously pre installed with Elys2. I have bought the Rega Fono MC pre amp together with it and connected to a tube integrated amplifier to balance the tonality of a MC. Setup was easy with the 303 with the third locating bolt.

The outcome - it sounds amazing and significantly a huge step up from the MM, clear on the mid and highs, I felt there was a tad slightly less on the bass response tho not sure if this is due to the Ania or the tubes. Most significant improvement was the soundstage both width and depth that filled the room as if you were immersed right in the music. So I guess after a few months of spinning different genre and type of vinyl pressings I felt it rather suited for those who wants clear vocals and distinctive musicality of instruments. I have attempted to listen to hard rock, something is just amiss with felt the speakers weren’t able to catch up with the music somewhat.. could it be the tubes again can’t be sure, this is a subjective view on my part.

Please do share if you have the Ania MC and see what you think of it.
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Re: Rega Ania MC Exprience

Postby jlwallen » 21 Jan 2018 15:04

I have my eyes on the Ania. I've been thinking it could be my first venture into MC. I currently have an Ortofon 2M Black and when that gives up the ghost, I might make the switch. I've been looking for user reviews just like this. Thank you for sharing.
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