Iceni Audio Ltd Sub Platter

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Iceni Audio Ltd Sub Platter

Post by kobazik » 14 Jan 2020 22:22

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My first upgrade to brand new Rega Planar 3. Initially I wanted groovetracer sub-platter but I live in UK and shopping plus tax from US makes it expensive upgrade. After researching few sub-platter upgrades available in UK, I came across Iceni Audio Ltd. They provide custom made turntables and upgrade parts for Rega. Patrick who runs was very helpful and answered all my questions very professional and promptly.

First thing I noticed after a quick evening session using my DT1990 Pro headphones is that floor noise reduced a lot. Need to spend more time with this new sub-platter but so far I love it.

More pictures here

Next upgrade is to install Nagaoka MP-110 I have in a box and most likely gonna swap glass platter for derlin one.

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Re: Iceni Audio Ltd Sub Platter

Post by Alec124c41 » 15 Jan 2020 13:05

Looks good.


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