Garrard AT60 help?

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Re: Garrard AT60 help?

Post by A70BBen » 12 Nov 2019 17:42

Another place where an error is known to have happened...though very rare, I have seen it only twice in many hundreds of AT6, AT60, SP25 and derivatives with similar a misdrilled armtube where it is screwed to the bearing block. If this is the cause, shim the cartridge. The holes cannot be enlarged for alignment, as the screws tap into them.

Also, be sure the needle pivots for vertical arm movement are fully and firmly screwed home. If sufficiently loose, the arm will tilt. If not firmly tightened, the AT60, 60 Mk II, SL65 and corresponding SP25s are known to have the inner screw loosen due to flipping the antiskate pin up and down.

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Re: Garrard AT60 help?

Post by Michaelgg » 10 Dec 2019 12:26

Thanks for the feedback what I ended up finding was that the pin on the head shell that locks into the time arm didn’t look exactly straight so I bent this very slightly, I also found that when twisting the locking collar that this would also cause a slight twist. So holding the head shell straight and then twisting the locking collar helps the head shell to sit straight now. Regarding your comment about the anti skate pin (bias compensator) yes I found mine was loose which was causing a skipping problem at the start of LPs. When the stylus would first land on the record it would skip and skid into the first track. Even though tightening this up has fixed the problem I am still having this issue about 20% of the time it seems as though it really depends on where the stylus first hits the outer edge, if it hits a blank spot it will slide in slightly. I know the cartridge is not the problem as I have tried 2 different cartridges, one with the stylus using around 2g VTF and another that uses 4g the problem does not change using higher or lower tracking force so I am assuming here that this is an inherent problem as you can’t adjust the bias compensator apart from it being engaged or
not? Anyone experienced anything similar?