The Garrard Sl95B - Was It Junk?

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Re: The Garrard Sl95B - Was It Junk?

Post by --Dual1229-- » 08 Oct 2019 18:02

I've made it! This beauty is fully functional again!
All the automatic functions are working as intended and I got to lube the three main pivots: cam, idler wheel and tonearm (as per manual).
This will be a day of joy hahaha.
If anyone is servicing a SL95 and would like to ask any questions feel free to shoot a MP any time.

An the motor issue was the stupidest possible. An E clip had flown away and gotten stuck on the spindle. Good thing I spotted it before any damage was done.

I guess my next step will be to rewire the tonearm. I did not like what I saw underneath, some parts are bare...

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Re: The Garrard Sl95B - Was It Junk?

Post by T68 » 08 Oct 2019 22:14

Nice work! Enjoy some music now before letting loose on those wires :-)