Replacing Needle on Garrard 3500 LP Player...

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Re: Replacing Needle on Garrard 3500 LP Player...

Post by amagasakii » 06 Jan 2020 05:01

Nice work DSJR, I had a feeling you'd take on the challenge. ;)

Looking at the chart on the Canadian Astatic site it looks like it was also 735d— Astatic really seemed to love churning out "replaces" cartridges that seem to be identical but have a different number.

Stylus is N429 which, oddly, isn't available in a diamond/sapphire flip combination: ... _1072.html

Available as D7 (diamond, 0.7mil, single [no "flip"]), SS73 (sapphire, 0.7/0.3mil, LP/78 flip), DD77 (same as the first one with a stylus on both sides). Unless you're playing 78's I'd be inclined to order the D7 to test in case the cartridge is shot. If you're playing 78s, order a SS73 as well.

And yes, do it sober, or unclip the cartridge so you have some room to work. ;)