Audio connection 301

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Audio connection 301

Post by jma02010 » 29 Dec 2019 20:29

Hi guys

Noob here, so please bear with me :D
Just found out that my audiophile grandfather owned a 301 Hammertone, which was about pass away until I realized what we had inside an old hifi system...

I would like to connect it to my Sonos system through line in in Sonos 5,and I'm wondering how to connect the 301 as I don't see any output... Also I don't see any info related in the old user manual...

Any help would be greatly helpful!

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Re: Audio connection 301

Post by DSJR » 30 Dec 2019 12:44

Someone here should be able to point you in the direction of articles on connecting up HiFi turntables to amplifiers, but I'll have a go at the very basics... Google can really be your friend here...

The 301 itself is merely a spinner of discs. It has no built-in tonearm of its own and users purchased their own tonearm and pickup heads and made the player system up themselves into a plinth bought or made or into a dedicated cabinet/console. Some pics would be great so we can advise better.

Once the pickup is playing, the output of the head (cartridge) is very low indeed and needs (RIAA) equalisation to give a listenable sound. Older amplifiers had built-in 'phono stages' to which the audio cables from the tonearm were connected, but most modern gear lacks this and an extra phono stage 'box' needs to be obtained, the output of this then sufficient for 'Aux' inputs of modern amps.

I don't wish to appear patronising, but are you with me so far? A 301 is an appreciating asset still and hammertone ones I believe are greatly sought after. You need to work on plinth bases and servicing to get the objective rumble performance anywhere near a modern deck to be honest, BUT, owning a 301, 401 and similar period decks is anything but audiophile performance - it's an *experience* to deeply treasure and I'd love to have a 401 again, just for the pleasure of seeing it run.

Pics of your deck would be very much appreciated please.

Not sure if the link below may help - ... eiver.html

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