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A hummm anomaly - Zero 100

Posted: 22 May 2019 03:29
by 62vauxhall
After the usual lengthy rehab (lengthy for me anyway), this Zero 100 was in perfect working order. It was my 4th Zero 100. But being blessed/cursed with too many turntables, after a year or so I shelved it for a few months. Last night it got plugged in again and I soon noticed there was a hum when no hum was present before.

But what I think strange is that the hum only manifests once the motor is running. Turn the power off and the hum goes away or at least is substantially less.

The only thing that comes to mind is that it is somehow being induced by the motor when it sees power. The table did not exhibit this "condition" in the time of my using it prior to it's getting shelved around Christmas time. The cartridge is unchanged, its the same Shure M93 and the slide and arm contacts are clean.

Does this ring any bells with anyone?

Cause was found and corrected

Posted: 22 May 2019 06:11
by 62vauxhall
And therein lay the problem potential of running multiple turntables after giving them all the same color ground wire. One might not realize that the one you wish to use at the time, is not in fact, grounded.

Re: A hummm anomaly - Zero 100

Posted: 22 May 2019 06:47
by bra10n
I laugh but I'm happy it is solved.