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Garrard 3000 synchro lab upgrade?

Posted: 19 May 2019 22:09
by scrapjack+
I read that the Garrard 3000 sometimes had upgraded parts if the OEM paid extra for them. I read that one of these upgrades was a Synchro Lab motor. Was the Synchro Lab motor in a Garrard 3000 the same as in the 95b? If I wanted to add this upgrade to a turntable that didn't have it, is it a drop in replacement, or is the spindle wheel, or the wiring different from standard? Does this upgrade significantly reduce rumble or improve speed accuracy?

Are there any upgrade parts worth seeking for a Garrard 3000?

Re: Garrard 3000 synchro lab upgrade?

Posted: 20 May 2019 00:07
by A70BBen
The motor from the SL55 or SL65 would physically be a drop-in. Depending on the specific unit, rewiring may be required. You would require the SL motor pulley matching the AC line frequency. It would improve speed accuracy but not rumble. A Synchro-Lsb, properly set up, is typically around 0.25%. Specification on a stock 3000 is within 2%, usually fast.

Re: Garrard 3000 synchro lab upgrade?

Posted: 20 May 2019 04:13
by scrapjack+
Just to be clear, by pulley, you mean the tapered cone on the motor shaft, not the idler wheel right? That will make the table 8 times more accurate.

Re: Garrard 3000 synchro lab upgrade?

Posted: 20 May 2019 14:41
The rubbery tyred idler wheel is the same across most models by this point (Lab 80 excepted). The pulley is the stepped affair screwed to the rotor spindle. On 2 pole motors it's 'turned' on the rotor spindle with '78' a pushed on sleeve.

As I remember from old Garrard UK catalogues, the 3000 came with (usually) 2 pole motors with 4 pole offered as an OEM option. My interest started in the late 60's, when the 3500 and later, the cheaper 2025TC began to take over.

If your deck has the 2 pole motor, any replacement will need a different motor wiring loom and probably including the switch (the motors on the used market sometimes come with looms that may be suitable). The SL motors rotate at a different speed to the 4 pole stock version, so please bare that in mind. When I converted my 60mk2 to SL spec, it took some searching for a suitably sized 50Hz pulley (not the same size as the SL decks such as the 75/95/Zero 100), which I eventually sourced in the US of all places (Sth St Services)

Unless your mains frequency drifts badly and also for reliability reasons, if you can find a good original 'Lab Series' 4 pole motor (chromed? bottom screening plate, not black as the SL ones were), I'd go for that really, as they're superbly balanced and have great bearings usually. SL rotors can come apart and glueing carefully back together is never 'quite' the same as originally.