Garrard 4HF rheostat change.

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Garrard 4HF rheostat change.

Post by Thermonic » 10 Nov 2018 15:29

Hi guys this is my first post in here.
My old Garrard 4HF had issues with the pitch control.
When turning the control about half way it would short causing the main fusebox to trip. Not good.
Upon investigating to my horror I discovered the old units coils had fallen out
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Upon going through the forum I ordered the RHS10KE
which I got off of fleabay for just under £30 including pp. Sorry I never got a chance to take photos of the install because my phone was on torch duty at 2am.
I needed a slighly thicker washer to get the unit to sit flush with the deck plate. Its sits a bit deeper than the original unit but maintains good clearance.
On top I couldnt fit the washer under the nut because there was just enough thread for the nut.
Trying to keep things as original as possible I took out the old pitch control shaft and cut the top bit off to make a knob for the new unit.
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It sits a little higher than the original ans in hindsight I should have made it taller. But still I reckon Ive got away with it.
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Re: Garrard 4HF rheostat change.

Post by dave999 » 20 Dec 2018 10:30

That looks great


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Re: Garrard 4HF rheostat change.

Post by plaka_king » 11 Jan 2019 16:24

congrats, i also got the pitch control of my 4hf replaced by ohmite's RHS10KE. works great as well.

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