A doctor in the room? My Garrard Zero 100 need a DOCTOR!

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A doctor in the room? My Garrard Zero 100 need a DOCTOR!

Post by marcellosilva » 03 Oct 2018 12:14

Hello everyone

My Garrard Zero 100 need to be rewired and a full good service but I can't find anyone who will do the job.

I'm located in Oxfordshire but I'm ready to send my turntable everywhere if necessary.

Please help me

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Re: A doctor in the room? My Garrard Zero 100 need a DOCTOR!

Post by Woodstock-Generation52 » 20 Dec 2018 23:35

Hello Marcellosilva, this might be a little late in coming but I’ve been away for awhile. I’m back to search for some record cleaning advice and liquid cleaners, so I’ve logged in today and saw your post. I too have a Zero 100 that I bought new in 1970/71. It’s been stored away since 1974 in the original factory cartons and was dug out after a 44 yr hibernation. Once it was out of the box it became clear, again, why I packed it away, the infamous Garrard grease dried out and it slowly started acting up and became a crotchety nussance. So online I went and started researching Garrard servicing for the Zero100 and found this site as well as Audiokarma and tapeheads.net, forums for analog centric fans but cover all things electronics. So while on here I read some postings that covered the topic of servicing vintage turntables and there were several suggestions and one mentioned a place that I was to later find out was kind of in my back yard, a 45 minute drive and was elated when I reached out to him via email and he responded that he has an office in Southold, NY. Which might be more of longer ride for you. 😏
The clincher for me was that he was the Service Mgr for Garrard/USA and has intimate knowledge of the Zero100 and you just can’t get any better than that IMHO. We spoke on the phone and he assured me that my vintage Zero would be in excellent hands and would be restored to better than new service using modern lubricants and cleaning methods. I know I’ve gone on a bit long here but seeing your post reminded me of my dilemma and who would I entrust to repair and restore my table. So without further ado here is the contact info:

TurntableExperts.com. (Website inquiry)
Dualparts@cs.com. (Emailing)
Adam is the Garrard expert I hand delivered my table to.
Tel 631-765-6470
Hrs open 9am-12, 1-4pm Mon - Fri
(Sat by appt.)

If you have already found someone, on your side of the pond, great, but for future needs this is a solid recommendation and he was quite thorough and exceeded my expectations. My player had the dubious honor of being the most “ stuck “ and seized in every way that he’s ever come across and everything had to be taken apart and massaged to get it to work!! He said it should work for another 40 years, lol, assuming I can also find another cartridge and stylus assembly!

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Re: A doctor in the room? My Garrard Zero 100 need a DOCTOR!

Post by SD1953 » 12 Jan 2019 18:34

Thank you so much for your post.
I have a Zero 100 that I purchased on e-bay. It was shipped and came to me in a horrid state.
Long story.
The unit needs motor mounts, belt, etc. With your info I have a place to go.

I have 3 turntables right now.
Realistic LAB440 Direct Drive with Ortofon 2M Red
Technics SL D3 with an Grado Blue
The Garrard Zero 100 with an ADC MarkIII cartridge

I just signed up and I think I found a home =D>

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Re: A doctor in the room? My Garrard Zero 100 need a DOCTOR!

Post by DSJR » 13 Jan 2019 17:17

The Zero 100 is now more of a conversation piece than a precision high fidelity record player really, but I have to say that in the recent weeks when I've used mine, it's surprised me greatly (I'm no audiophile these days I admit and definitely not too precious about vinyl reproduction, but fair do's). Garrard pushed the boat out as far as possible with this one over the others in the range at the time and the good thing is the genuine refinements and tightening up of some sloppiness here and there they did all round, seemed to trickle into the others as the early 70's moved on. Thank goodness for modern cartridges that track at 1.75 to 2g, as this isn't the most stable of tonearms ;)

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