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Garrard SP25 MK III - attaching speakers

Posted: 18 Dec 2017 21:17
by BexUK
Hi. I have acquired a Garrard SP25 MK III in a Fidelity housing, but need some help. I would like to find out whether the turntable is in full working order but the speakers I own have a stripped wire connection. Can someone advise me what cable I need to attach my speakers to the turntable? It is very similar to this ... r_uai.html


Re: Garrard SP25 MK III - attaching speakers

Posted: 18 Dec 2017 22:07
That picture gave me the creeps as the headshell is totally incorrect for the 25mk2 fitted to it...

Does this Fidelity unit have the amp intact and the Garrard deck mounted in the top of it? If so, I suspect the speaker sockets are the DIN type (flat and round pin). Ready made thin cables used to be available from your local radio shop (DIN speaker to open end), but you need to check exactly what you need - hope I'm right though...

The SP25 series NEEDS servicing if original and I lose count of the many threads here dedicated to sorting them out. Worth it though, so get reading ;)

Re: Garrard SP25 MK III - attaching speakers

Posted: 18 Dec 2017 23:38
by BexUK
Hi DSJR. Thanks for replying. Fear not! The link I posted was for reference only. Very similar to mine in almost all aspects - except for the headshell, which on mine is wood :)

In answer to your question, yes, the amp is intact and the Garrard unit is mounted above it. I have attached two pics that show the back of my unit, which is probably more helpful.

My intention is to service the unit but I really want to know if it actually plays before I embark on what you rightly say is quite a lot of reading. That's why I am starting off by asking about connecting speakers.

You suggested I need a DIN speaker cable to open end. Do you know where I can purchase something like that online? I had thought the cable would need to come out of the 'speaker right and left' side. Am I incorrect in assuming that?


Re: Garrard SP25 MK III - attaching speakers

Posted: 19 Dec 2017 10:08
It gets worse.....

The headshell on an SP25 III is a casting with shiny trim, the C2 pickup cartridge carrier sliding into it - download the instructions and service details here in the library to get where I am.

The speaker sockets are PHONO PLUGS and I'm afraid you're going to have to get something made if you can't solder (amp damaging short circuits are too easily made, so ask a local radio-TV shop if they can supply something for you - if local TV shops exist these days, they don't around here any more)