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complete head for garrard Gemi 40b

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complete head for garrard Gemi 40b

Postby cristianoangelo » 03 Dec 2017 14:19

Hello everyone, I have a Garrard Gemi 40 b to which I repaired the engine, I miss this model the head with the appropriate needle and I do not know the specifications and the model if anyone can Help me thank you so much.
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Re: complete head for garrard Gemi 40b

Postby DSJR » 03 Dec 2017 19:52

Do you mean the cartridge carrier which slides into the headshell on the end of the arm? It's a 'C2' type if the 40B I'm thinking of (I think there's a 440 as well, which is later and different). If the 40B, the arm is semi-counterbalanced and choice of cartridge will need careful thought. What's the deck to be used with and any chance of pictures of the deck please?
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Re: complete head for garrard Gemi 40b

Postby A70BBen » 04 Dec 2017 00:07

What is a "Gemi 40B?" If you mean Model 40B, it takes the C2 cartridge mounting clip, 440 takes the C4. Both slide into a permanent tonearm head that is an integral part of the tonearm and is not replaceable.
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