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Re: I am close to giving up on nagaoka mp 500

Posted: 26 Nov 2019 21:30
by cafe latte
pedroboe wrote:
13 Mar 2016 02:36
Hi all

I have about ten hours on my mp 500 and I seriously don't enjoy it. The bass is great and tracks really well when I set it up by ear (God only knows what the actual vtf is) using the HiFi sound record (not the HiFi news), as using the prescribed vtf is not enough on my basic clearaudio arm. I have some great cartridges and I keep a YouTube channel for needle drops. Even on that mediocre format, the mp 500 does not shine compare to my other cartridges:lp gear bin 323 (one of my favorite things) at 32E, at 33ev, 33ptg, clearaudio virtuoso wood and pickering xv 15 400 amongst others. Just now I went back to lp gear bin 323 and it out shines it, I feel more involved. I think that's pretty much it. I can't get involved with the MP500, it's distant and sounds a little AM radio like. I confess that I like the AT house sound and maybe that's a factor.

Are you enjoying your mp 500? Did you go through the same angst? I did read that you need something like 30 hours, but I don't know about investing that much time, I'm no spring chicken...
I am using it with pro ject phono box rs at 100pf. I listen to all kinds of music, but my pickering xv 15 400 and empire 2000 III E seem to play classic rock the best. No coincidence I guess.

I have around 50 carts some very nice ones costing way more than a MP500 MM MI and MC, love my MP500 though, not my best cart but it is up there. As others have said it is not a forward presentation it is more neutral and it has smooth mids like a MC but without the MC accentuated highs which IMO is a good thing. It does not have that MM punch more more MC subtle which it what I love about MI. Not sure what your issues are but if you expecting a MM in your face sound it is not going to happen with an MP500.

Re: I am close to giving up on nagaoka mp 500

Posted: 03 Dec 2019 19:29
by Spencerfrater
Another 10 hours on this cart and I can emphatically say it only wakes up and shines after 30 or so hours. But boy does it shine then! It’s well worth the wait...

Re: I am close to giving up on nagaoka mp 500

Posted: 04 Dec 2019 19:55
by superdupertramp
Your cartridge is clearly very poor in so many aspects. I can only offer you this most sensible advice: send it me (I’ll pay the postage for you so it’s at no cost to you) and I’ll make sure it doesn’t trouble your set up anymore - I have a safe where it can be stored safely out of use.
Just pm me. Thank you. ;)