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Flux busting demagnetizing

Posted: 10 Feb 2006 10:24
by bauzace50
Hello all,
Is it pertinent to demagnetize moving coil cartridges? Flux busting products were once marketed, and some come up in eBay. Is there any substance to this? Thankyou.

Posted: 10 Feb 2006 11:12
by bastlnut

i do not know how good of an idea that is. i have read that AJ Van den Hul strongly recomends not to as this will aeld to demagnatizing and affecting some magnetic flow or something. i can not find the article or i would link it. then again, Benz sells a unit for this, or at least similar, so i can not say.

i see no need to do this, and i dont. i too would like some first hand feedback from someone who has practised this.
maybe Blue Angel has something to say on this subject. :)


Posted: 10 Feb 2006 11:58
by delcam1n0
For what it is worth Bausace here's what
Mr George Cardas has to say about flux-
busting on the Cardas cables site. But then
maybe he just wants to sell his testrecord?

"The most important tools on this record are the Side 1
Frequency Sweeps. These are the degaussing tracks 2a,
2b and 2c. Simply play one of these tracks through your
system at a low, normal level and it will degauss the
cartridge and the rest of the system, plus clean the stylus
ultrasonically. When played, the tracks progress from low
frequencies at a high relative amplitude, to high frequencies
(35 k+ if played at 45 rpm) at a low level. This is a complete
degaussing process and an ultrasonic cleaning of the stylus
at the same time. You may hear clicks and pops in the high
frequency section after use. This is caused by the accumulation
of junk which has fallen off the stylus during ultrasonic cleaning.
Clean the record to remove the debris. This is the most efficient
and cheapest way I know to degauss your cartridge and system. Basically, it makes a flux buster obsolete."


Posted: 10 Feb 2006 12:25
by Blue Angel

I will only accept the alleged benefits of these devices if 'before and after' results can be measured using an oscilloscope connected to the phono outs of a calibrated tt and arm, while playing a professional frequency test record. Alternatively, how can de-gaussing or demagnetising be of any help? Surely the motor of an mc cart. needs all the magnetic flux it can get from the magnet installed by the cartridge manufacturer? Does the magnetic flux properties of magnets change, over time? Do they become more magnetically powerful, hence the alleged benefits of 'de-magnetising' or de-fluxing? Or, perhaps the magnetic field becomes confused and improperly oriented? I don't think so. Magnets may become weaker with the passage of time and probably with the silly application of heat by means of halogen lamps.

Blue Angel

Test Record

Posted: 10 Feb 2006 12:43
by bauzace50
Thankyou all! By the Way, there is today, Feb.10,'06, one professional test record on eBay. It is CBS STR 170. The description says it is used, but still sealed/unused...a rather disconcertng description. Still this is rather useful with the appropriate knowledge and related equipment.