New limited edition pressings

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New limited edition pressings

Post by OldRelayer » 06 Feb 2006 10:47

I am newly back into the Vinyl arena. The last Vinyl I bought was some great mint albums from a great classical collection I found in a little shop in Camden, Maine. I think I bought about 5 albums ranging from $3 to about $5. This was probably 10 years ago, maybe a little more. I look at the regular albums on Ebay and the shipping kills you. But then I also read that people pick up great albums at yard sales for $.25. What about record shows, are they worthwhile, or does every dealer think that every album is a treasure and ask way to much for them?

Ok that was a more general question. I do have a specific question about limited edition albums. These are very new releases that usually have about a 1000 copies and some are even 1/2 speed (whatever that means to me). Toward the end of the Vinyl era there were special pressing that cost about $25, I never bought one, but have on a couple occasions heard them, and they were very nice indeed. I have been looking at the new Steely Dan album on Vinyl, one of these 1000 copy pressings, with shipping about $40 to $45. Is this going to be worth $.25 at a yard sale as soon as you buy it? I already have the album on CD and I guess the quality of the music would have nothing to do with it, but it is a really nice album. I guess my question is, is this a good investment or just for fools that have nothing better to do with their money. I am a little confused because unlike the albums I have heard on CD and Vinyl, they were made for Vinyl and still sound better on Vinyl rather than made for CD. Can one expect a greater listening experience from such a pressing?


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Post by Audiophilewannabe » 06 Feb 2006 11:08

I would advise against collecting for investment , in any area , buy what you like and really want and can afford !
Theres variuos labels producing "Audiophile" recordings , MFSL are one , very reasonable price (especially in the USA) and great sounding and nicely produced , wish i had more :lol:

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Re: New limited edition pressings

Post by Mark E Smith's Dentist » 06 Feb 2006 11:30

OldRelayer wrote: What about record shows, are they worthwhile, or does every dealer think that every album is a treasure and ask way too much for them?
I've found some reasonable stuff at record fayres, the dealers will usually offer you a deal towards the end of the day.

Limited edition presses can be an investment. A complete MFSL Beatles box from the early '80s is now worth a small fortune. The trick is to find those Ltd releases that people are going to want when they're sold out. That's just my opinion.

I wish I had more audiophile pressings too. They cost more but you get more too - it's a better quality product.

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Post by bauzace50 » 06 Feb 2006 12:00

Half-speed mastering means that the LP was cut at half of the 33.3 speed standard, so that when you play it back at 33.3 it sounds better. Reason is that the original master pressing gets a better tape-to-vinyl transfer of all the recorded frequencies, especially the treble.

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