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Ariston cartridge

Posted: 26 Jan 2006 02:03
by Tancrède


A friend want to sale me a Cartridge Ariston moving coil BX-150E, this is a 20 years cartridge but as new.

What is tour opinion about this cartridge ?

Thanks pals


Posted: 26 Jan 2006 11:20
by Guest

its certainly a rebranded cartridge (like Linn MM's were made by Audio Technica).

So your very unlikely to get any opinion on the cartridge without identifying the source.


Posted: 26 Jan 2006 16:17
by Tancrède

I'm waiting informations.

While this time, i imagine that this cartridge(it's a MC) must be superior than any MM like Grado or a Grace, or Ortofon ?
Isn't it ?


Posted: 26 Jan 2006 16:47
by Guest

its unreasonable to assume a MC is better than a MM.

A lot of the early high output MC's were decidedly poor.

Even a good MC in a bad choice of arm can
be bettered by a suitable MM for that arm.

:) /sreten.

Posted: 27 Jan 2006 11:54
by nat
And a 20 year old cartridge may have a stiffened up suspension. I have read that unused cartridges don'e seem to suffer the hardening of the suspension/damping block that ones in use do, but I would either want to buy the cartridge for a very low price, or after hearing it.