Technics SL-1100A cartridge / stylus recommendation

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Technics SL-1100A cartridge / stylus recommendation

Post by bhunter » 23 Jan 2006 15:34


I am just getting back to my vinyl after many years away... the current setup on my SL-1100A is a Grado ZT+; I did find an older posting to a previous request recommending:
Why not rapidly buy a good budget model like Ortofon OM10 or OM20, an Audio- Technica AT 95 E, AT110 E or AT 440 E or a Shure M97xE?
Is this still a good list of current recommendations for my table? I think a budget replacement is a good description of what I need for now.



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Post by bastlnut » 23 Jan 2006 16:42


about the only cartridge that is a step up from your grado, is the AT 440ml/e. the rest are more grainy but a bit easier to set up, but the defecits do not make it worth while. the shure can be ok if you can load the cartridge.

i would think aboout the budget goldrings too as an alternative. it really comes down to your budget, or simply enjoy your grado and spend the cash on vinyl for the platter.


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Post by cox » 26 Jan 2006 08:09

What about a Denon DL110 or DL160 high output MC's.

They are relatively cheap, have a wonderful sound (especially DL160) and works very well in Technics players.

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