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empire 4000 dIII sound like

Posted: 22 Jan 2006 09:36
by ger56
I am now reading more thread about empire cartridge .

So may be someone can tell me which high output Mc could sound like an empire 4000 DIII ( soft midrange , fine ans extended treble ) .
I also have an adc Xlm which is less musical than the empire ( also the adc may be more neutral )

I need an other cartridge for an other turntable and the empire price on ebay are going as high as a new mid priced high output cart ( 100.00 $ ) .
would the Ortfon x1-mc should be a good choice ?


Posted: 24 Jan 2006 12:06
by bauzace50
Hello ger56,
this is just guessing. I have not heard the 4000 DIII, nor the high-output Ortofon you mention. Apart from the motor difference (mm, the principal difference between these two models is compliance.
Thus, the Empire's soft compliance would be better mated with a low-mass tonearm, such as an SME Series III. But the Ortofon would be better mated with a higher mass tonearm, such as the Rega RB-250.
I have no clue which of the two combinations would perform better. But, experimentation is one of the stimulating aspects of this hobby! Good luck to you, and happy hunting!