Goldring 2200/2300 Cartridges

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Goldring 2200/2300 Cartridges

Post by glrickaby » 24 Jun 2010 22:50

Except for a brief review on Vinyl Asylum, there is very little written
about the newer 2000 series Goldring. Compared to the 1000
series, they appear to be a better value with equal or better sound,
perhaps favoring the currently in vogue sound like the Ortofon 2M
series. I just upgraded from the 2200 to the 2300 which co-incidently,
has the same Geiger II stylus as the 1012GX, without the upper
harshness of the 1012. These units are made by Nagaoka for Goldring
and appear well finished with nice touches like threaded screw holes.
The 2200 has a somewhat more Nagaoka sound with some warmth
and a great soundstage. The 2300 has clarity,Air & smoothness, with
a soundstage that pinpoints individual instruments more, better detail,
upper range without brightness, a better sense of the hall with subtle
details such as bowing edge, more apparent. Compared to other
units I own or have owned, such as the Goldring 1012gx,1042,
Ortofon 2 M Red and Blue, Sumiko BP & BP Special, Benz gold,
Nagaoka MP11, Denon DL110/160, Ortofon OM5/10/20/30, Grados
through the Platinum, Clearaudio Aurum Beta S and Virtuoso
(both a dressed up AT95E with a better stylus),Shure V15XMR,
V15 III and M97XE,Rega Exact/Elys, Stanton 881S, I like and
prefer the Goldring 2200/2300 sound and performance. While
the 1042 may be somewhat more lush, it really doesn't quite
have the detail of the 2300 plus the 1042 for me was a "low rider".
I currently have the 2300 mounted on a Rega P3/2000 with a Riggle
counter weight, Iron Audio acrylic platter and cardas wiring. My
preference on height adjustment for the sound is at 2MM with a
Easy Riser height adjuster. I play mainly classical with some
voice. I realize my comparison is against some pretty tall
company in the price range and may provoke some disagree-
ment but I've been into vinyl for many years and many TT's
and cartridges and IMHO, the 2000 line should impress a lot
more Audiophiles than what has been written . The 2300 is
so nice that I would be somewhat afraid to try the 2400/2500.
I use a Rega Baerwald Protractor which sets the top edge of
the cartridge a couple of MM back . Set even with the Edge
like the 2M Red/Blue would be somewhat too far forward if
my Baerwald is right. Sound is certainly a subjective thing
and no disrespect is intended for fans of the other units
mentioned, but if you want engaging listening, give this
newer Goldring line a listen.

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Goldring 1000 series

Post by rayr0683 » 25 Jun 2010 15:55


Thank you for the review. I appreciate it. Its nice to have someone with alot of experience with various good cartridges, and tables, give thier impressions on affordable cartridges, that may be a real deal for the price/performance. I dont own any Nagoaka carts. but belong to various Vinyl Forums, and been into Vinyl since the 1980's....I have always heard lots of Good Things about both the Sound and Quality of Nagaoka cartridges. The diamonds look very nice, and jewell like under microscope. I did have the goldring 1012, and the 1012GX later on. I have to agree, very Low Riders....this was not very good on warped records.

I saw the new 2000 Series of Goldring, and didn't know enough about them. Im glad you shared. They definately dont get enough press over here in the States. But many of the audiophiles in the Forums I belong to, that are from Europe, seem to really like the Goldring 2000 series cartridges. If I do sell some of my cartridges, I would be curious to give one a try. I think the 2000 series work somewhat better with my tonearm anyway, at least the arm on my best Table. My VPI. It would be nice to hear more users impressions about these cartridges. Thanks, Ray

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Re: Goldring 2200/2300 Cartridges

Post by Bayshore213 » 19 Sep 2019 03:01

I have the 'lowball' 2100. Nonetheless it's the best cartridge I've owned, much better than my OM20

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Re: Goldring 2200/2300 Cartridges

Post by raphaelmabo » 19 Sep 2019 13:04

I have the 2200, I first used it on my TD280 but couldn't stand it. When I bought my TD203 I gave the 2200 another go, but - again - couldn't stand it. So it's now - again - collecting dust. It is indeed close to the 2M serie in terms of sound, more CD-like. And I really can't cope with it. I don't like the 2M either. It's not for me. I actually preferred the older OM to the newer 2M. Sure I can hear that the 2200 has many fine qualities, like a start/stopping of notes second to none and a very tight and full and hard hitting bass. Very fun for rhythmic music. But it is simply way too forward for me. And it also had high surface noise. I simply got more noise, clicks and pops with the 2200 than with any other cartridge that I own. I've also discovered that in my setup, the very high high output of the 2200 is too much. My setup works better with a little lower output from the cartridge.

But if one seeks an alternative to the Ortofon 2M serie and likes that CD-type of sound, then Goldring 2x00 may be a good choice.

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