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matching between stepup transformer and MC Cart

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matching between stepup transformer and MC Cart

Postby erictang » 01 Sep 2004 18:23

Dynavetor DV/6A stepup transformer spec: ... ector.html

1. Specification of DV/6A
a. Adaptable impedance of the cartridge 4 - 40ohms
b. Load Resistance 47kohm

2. My current cart is Benz Micro MC Gold with spec:
a. internal impedance 20 ohms
b. recommended loading 200-47000ohms

According to the figure, is it a good match?
Technically, how to interept the spec? Is 1a match with 2a & 2a match with 2b?
Just by listening, I found MC Gold is working very good with DV/6A.

3. About VDH MC One Special cart
a. Moving Coil Resistance (per channel) 9 Ohm
b. Recommended Load Impedance 200 Ohm

Will VDH MC One Special match DV/6A?

Thanks in advance.

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