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Advice for new cartridge for Denon DP-1200

Posted: 08 Oct 2009 15:45
by rocky500
Hello everyone, first time poster. This site looks great.

I thought I would try a turntable again after 15 years without one. Had a Thorens which I threw out by mistake many years ago.

Picked up a Denon DP-1200 at a second hand shop which came with a Stanton cartridge. Tried to look it up but I think it is very old. Like the turntable.
Can't seem to find any specs on the turntable - like Arm length etc.
Turntable sounds pretty good but a little dull.

I have a Pioneer sc-lx71 AVR and just purchased a Emotiva Pre and AMP.
Revolver speakers and a SVS Sub.

The Pioneer has MM turntable connection only.
Input (Sensitivity/Impedance)
PHONO MM . . 4.2 mV/47 kΩ

The Emotiva USP-1 has MM and MC
Phono Input:
Moving Coil - 240 Ohm
Moving Magnet - 47kOhm
Input Impedance Line In: 47K Ohm +/-5%

Can anyone recommend a better cartridge to suit the Denon? mm or mc
Price anywhere between $50 to $300.
Can raise more but from little I found on the net I'm not sure this Denon turntable would do it justice with too higher cartridge.
Some pics if it helps ... 020743.jpg ... 020735.jpg ... 020745.jpg

Also I saw these on Ebay. Are they alright to buy or am I waisting my time and should look at better shells? ... 286.c0.m14

Posted: 13 Oct 2009 02:32
by HibouProfane

Your cartridge is one of the better Stanton, as far as I know. It could be worth a try to change the stylus. I think Jico has a shibata stylus for it. ... ts_id=1361

Posted: 13 Oct 2009 11:56
by rocky500
Thanks HibouProfane.
I will look into that stylus you linked to.
I know the Stylus wears out, does the Cartridge wear out over time?

I think I have narrowed it down to some of these. Might be similar price to replacing the stylus only.

Ortofon 2m Red
Nagaoka MP-110
Denon DL-110 also considering the DL-160

Anyone know if any might suit my denon better?

Posted: 13 Oct 2009 17:32
by HibouProfane
I know the Stylus wears out, does the Cartridge wear out over time?
Some say that the material used in the cartridge stiffens with time and deteriorates the sound, but there are still plenty of vintage carts fans out there. But, yes, you can buy a decent new cart for the price of a shibata stylus. I bought a Nagaoka MP-110 last year, but I broke it after a month of use (stupid me). I did like it a lot while it was working. Full, well-rounded sound with gorgeous bass. It was really shining with swing and acoustic jazz. I plan getting another one.

All the carts you're listing have their fans and have been discussed at length in these columns... The search option is your best friend here.

Can't help you with the table specs, but I guess we can assume that Denon carts should be a good match for a Denon table...

Posted: 13 Oct 2009 20:07
by KentT
A Stanton 681 EEE-S II or III replacement stylus or a Jico Japan Shibata replacement for that Stanton gives you a 681 EEE-S II. You'll love it's superb bass, lush, romantic midrange and silky highs. It also tracks superbly at that. These cartridges last many years of use. A standard in the broadcast and record industry. I use one myself. I love mine as a daily driver.

Posted: 13 Oct 2009 22:23
by W8AAZ
I cannot see the cartridge body in a MM cartridge going bad unless abused or left in a corrosive environment, the new stylus assembly contains the new diamond stylus and the suspension material for the cantilever, which are the two things that might deteriorate from use or age. The diamond from use and the mounting suspension material from age.