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X5-MC suspension question

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X5-MC suspension question...

Postby doctorcilantro » 17 Dec 2003 14:54

I posted recently about my X5-MC and was hoping some onwers could shed some more light on how much flex the cantilever should have? does this cart get broken in and flex more over time? When a put it an LP it drops about one mm (I end up with the cart about 1mm from the record surface). With the cart level to the LP, the diamond is sticking straight down towards the groove, it seems a tiny bit canted back actually. I have used a magnifying glass and just have a funny feeling about this cart. Unfortunatley I broke my first X5 which was working wonderfully, but this new one is mis-tracking and skipping quite a bit. Mr. Juki notified me that Ortofon usually takes two months to examine a purchased cart for defects. Is there any way I can have it checked by Ortofon somewhere in the states. their website is still down.

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