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Postby density » 30 Nov 2003 13:59

hello iwas hoping somebody could Help.I just bought a pink triangle export turntable with rega rb300 arm and audio technica at oc10 cartridge,all in mint condition . the problem is when i hooked it all up it sounds absolutely terrible .It sounds very bright so much so it even sounds brighter than my arcam alpha 9 cd player which sounds smooth by comparison . I suspect it could be the at cartridge and was hoping somebody could recomend a smoother warmer sounding cartridge . im running the deck through a nad pp2 phono stage (temporary) musical fidelity the preamp and tempest power amp, then into mission 774 speakers . hope sombody can Help
thanks, density
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Postby stefanl » 01 Dec 2003 21:25

You are perhaps a little too early in wanting results, and should give your cartridge about 30-40 hours break-in time for the wires to burn-in.The phono stage you are using could also be a problem as it only a budget one and you would have to step up for that sound.Have you a good alignment tool to make sure your cartridge is set up properly? Your VTA and tracking weight and azimuth will also need proper adjustment when your cartridge has burnt-in.Do some research on these set-up issues on the forums,here and others like Vinyl Asylum and Audiogon, you should find the answers to most issues.stefanl

Postby SLock » 01 Dec 2003 22:01

I was using a Pink Triangle turntable with a Roksan Tabriz arm and had good results using a Grado prestige Black cartridge.
I also found that the VTA ajustment was critical for good results (a bit easier to experiment with on the Roksan than the Rega though!!)
I think you will find the Audio Technica to be quite bright mind you, my father in law uses an AT OC9 (I think) on his Thorens turntable and it is very forward sounding!!
I hope ths may help
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Postby starboy » 02 Dec 2003 22:05

Back in my m/c cartridge junkie dayz... IMHO I found the A/T O/C9 cartridge 2 be the brightest in my collection and never to my taste of music.


p.s. I sold it on and wasn't surprised when it fetched a low price.
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Postby Brent » 03 Dec 2003 00:17

Hello density,

in fact the OC-10 is very bright in sound and your Arcam seems to be one of the most "analogue-sounding" CD-Players ever. I have an Arcam Alpha 5, two AT-OC7 cartridges and a NAD PP, so I guess I know the results of comparing your TT and your CD-player...
Fiddling with VTA and Overhang won't Help, the troublemaker is your Phonostage. The AT-OC10 works best connected to a matching transformer (more than 20 Ohms). A MC-Preamp should have a load resistance of more than 150 Ohms for best results.
The AT will still be bright, but with "good" amplification you have a great pickup with wide stage and lots of dynamics. Don't call it bright, call it clear and crisp

If you still don't like it, just sell it to me. I could also offer you a Shure V-15III in exchange ;-)


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Postby michaelwnz » 04 Dec 2003 12:14


Nothing wrong with the NAD PP 2.

It differs from the PP 1 in having a proper moving coil input
...loaded at 100 ohms with 60dB of gain, 0.2mV sensitivity.

It is smooth and sweet with a gentle top and bottom roll-off so that rules out any brightness on it's part.

For 50 GBP it is almost as good as Ken Kessler's rave in HFN.

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