help with AT gold OCC cartridge

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Re: help with AT gold OCC cartridge

Post by sivagriva » 14 Feb 2020 16:41

I apologize for not being clear enough, there is no direct replacement stylus assembly available today. But it can be done with more or less complex surgery. As I've stated earlier in this thread, my ML140/OCC was recantilevered (5 years ago) with a new cantilever donor from ATN 440a. At that time I had at hand also ATN125LC (with same cantilever physical dimensions) but opted for 440a. Required surgery included drilling for fitting a slightly longer donor cantilever assembly. IMHO with carefull selections, also other cantilever donors could be used, it's worth a little more effort to keep alive such a good sounding cartridges.
My not so good pic (crap) of frankensteined ML140 stylus holder with ATN 440a cantilever....
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Re: help with AT gold OCC cartridge

Post by dagfinn » 14 Feb 2020 16:52

Thanks for explanation :). How does it sound compared to original?
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VMN40ML and ATN-ML150 side by side