Upgrade Ortofon 2M Blue?????

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Upgrade Ortofon 2M Blue?????

Post by Stinkfist86 » 18 Jan 2020 16:18

Audiophile Greetings,

There is a Spanish site called Supersonido that on 17.18 and 19/01/2020 will have products with VAT-free value, my question is as follows…

I need a cell for my Denon DP-300 F from my second system, on my main system I have a Shure M75-6 mounted on a Sanyo Plus Q50.

Is it worthwhile to move the Shure M75-6 to the Denon DP-300F and update the cell of the Sanyo Plus Q50 to the Orofon 2M Blue which has a nice price in relation to the price with VAT and taking into account that it is the website I found where this cell is cheaper?

Would this situation be an upgrade for my Sanyo Plus Q50 or a downgrade?

The system you are currently working with uses the AMP phono stage….

Pioneer A400

Sanyo Puls Q50 - Klotz MC5000 Diy Cable

Tannoy Revolution XT6F - VandDame Blue Series Cables

Waiting feedback


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Re: Upgrade Ortofon 2M Blue?????

Post by pedro ebro » 18 Jan 2020 17:38

I have had the orthophon and the shure, the shure has good old analog sound, but the orthophon has more of everything and better treble with modern sound is very balanced and likes light arms, you have another modern capsule with a certain resemblance to the orthophon and cheaper, the Goldring E3, this one likes the middle arms, now well ,,, the shure sound is warm and these modern No ,,, especially the orthophon is cold

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Re: Upgrade Ortofon 2M Blue?????

Post by justjed0001 » 18 Jan 2020 18:16

I have the 2M Blue, and find it a capable all-around cartridge. It is somewhat lacking in character, but it's a nice sounding cart, with good detail. I think the Sanyo would be able to get a lot from the 2M Blue. But you might not like the sound, as it's very different from the Shure. It takes about 40-50 hours for the stylus to really sound good, but it does sound good.

If you like the Shure sound, find an original or after-market hyper-elliptical stylus for your M75, and you'll have a better sound than the 2M Blue. Warmer, with much more detail. I have an M95 with HE stylus, and it displaced the 2M Blue on my deck.

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