Preamp advice

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Preamp advice

Post by tharak » 14 Jan 2020 16:05

Hagerman Bugle 3 versus Edwards Audio phono preamp. Has any one done a side by side listen? Looking for a quiet warm unit with good sound staging to mostly serve analog music - jazz and classical. Appreciate input.

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Re: Preamp advice

Post by raphaelmabo » 14 Jan 2020 16:23

I haven't heard of Hagerman Bugle before :), so I don't know anything about it. But Edwards Audio (Talk Electronics) does not make warm sounding equipment, their phono stages are clean, clear and rhythmic but I wouldn't call them warm. If you want something more warm, then choose a warm cartridge - the Edwards Audio will make the most of it. Examples of cartridges on the warm side of neutral: Nagaoka MP110 or 150, or Osawa OS-301, LP Gear The Vessel, Sumiko Pearl or Rainier-Olympia-Moonstone - they all work well with jazz and classical.

Or: Creek OBH-15 Mk2. I would say it's on the warm side of neutral, for a solid-state phono pre-amp.

Also, Pro-Ject and Vincent makes phono pre-amps with a valve/tube in the output circuit, the valves/tubes acts like sound processors and are simple there to add warmth and smoothness. Pro-Ject Tube Box - comes in several different versions from the Tube Box S up to the exklusive DS2, or the Vincent PHO-700 or 701.

An interesting alternative is the Nobsound T-11, this one seems to be a true valve/tube phono pre. However, it's MM only and will overload with MM cartridges that has >= 5 mV output (for example some Goldring MM/MI:s). But under 5 mV should be just fine. ... p0051.html

A disadvantage with valves/tubes, is that they can produce more bakgrund noise, and they are also more sensitive to RF interference (wifi-networks, bluetooth etc.).

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Re: Preamp advice

Post by patient_ot » 14 Jan 2020 21:38

What is your budget? What cart is this for? To clarify, are you looking for faithful, accurate sound, or some kind of colored sound/tuned response curve?

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