New to me Dual 1229q - what do i need?

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New to me Dual 1229q - what do i need?

Post by jfuhrman » 09 Nov 2019 01:02

I just picked up a Dual 1229q turntable at a local thrift store. Ive had suitcase style turntables, but never what inconsidered to be a decent one before, but always wanted one. It seems to have basic functionallity, motor spins, swiches operate, arm moves freely, etc.

From my rough assessment, i need a cartridge and stylus that is a type 2, is that correct?

Its also missing the spindle.

Other than that, i think a good cleaning and lube job. I work on and repair old sewing machines as a hobby, so this should all be pretty doable i think.
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Re: New to me Dual 1229q - what do i need?

Post by tep392 » 09 Nov 2019 02:31

There are two rubber parts you should replace. The steuerpimpel and a ring that is part of the single/multiplay mechanism. Plenty of info on those in the dual section of this forum. Dont move the single/multi lever until this is done or risk breaking it. The sevice manuals are in the library and explain all adjustments that are needed.

I dont see the cartridge adapter in the photo. You can get them on ebay. Tk14 or tk24 types will work

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Re: New to me Dual 1229q - what do i need?

Post by Tinkaroo » 09 Nov 2019 08:55

Yes please pay heed to teps warning regarding the s/m lever on the tonearm!

I would advise opening a thread in the Dual Forum and downloading both the owners and service manuals from our library here.

Just a tip to get started as far as a headshell and cartridge combo goes. Sometimes you can get a used one with the cartridge and headshell together on the auction site. Some of these came ready aligned from the factory.

The single play spindle you need is a press in type. I will supply a photo of such when you open a dedicated thread in the Dual forum.

You are probably also going to want to look into getting a dust cover if you don't have one.

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