A few good words for Goldring (Excel rebuild)

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A few good words for Goldring (Excel rebuild)

Post by StephDale » 27 Oct 2019 21:57

This has been the year of the repair. I've been slowly working through my pile of gear that's given up the ghost over the years, getting it repaired for either further enjoyment myself or for friends and associates who have an interest.

Along the way there has been the odd revelation; I bought my Excel very cheaply a few years ago as a stop gap to keep me going while I saved to have another cartridge rebuilt. It soon became apparent that the 'low hours' were nothing of the sort and so it was boxed up to wait it's turn in the queue.

Well, this year it went off for a £420 summer holiday to Bishops Stortford. I was offered a choice of stylus profiles as the original VdH profile wasn't available and settled on a Gyger-S at David Giffin's recommendation. When it came back I did enough to ensure it was functioning properly and it was boxed up for a rainy day.

I've just fitted a new tonearm to my main 'table and I've been running through a few cartridges to see what worked well. An early surprise was the Audio Technica VM95sh I bought as a set-up tool - perhaps a story for another day. Anyhoo, this weekend it has been particularly rainy and so it was the turn of the Excel. It's something of a revelation, a thoroughly engaging performer which seems closer to the reviews offered in the archive here on VE, rather than those which seem to be more publicised. The set up of the arm is also indicating that the rebuild is astonishingly accurate, with the stylus perfectly oriented.

So, two thoughts out of this little adventure; firstly, the Goldring Excel is a great cartridge if you can find one and; secondly, the Goldring cartridge rebuild service is well worth consideration if you need a rebuild on a cartridge they're prepared to work on (they turned down the offer to work on my EMT).

It's great to be the bearer of good news for products and services such as this.

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Re: A few good words for Goldring (Excel rebuild)

Post by Collux » 27 Oct 2019 22:34

https://www.goldring.co.uk/goldring-car ... urbishment

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