Ortofon 2M Red or Sumiko MM Rainier

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Which is a better option

Sumiko Rainier
Ortofon Red
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Re: Ortofon 2M Red or Sumiko MM Rainier

Post by ravelax » 28 Oct 2019 19:39

wojtekf wrote:
26 Oct 2019 15:05
2M Red has compliance of 20 µm/mN. This means you should rather keep the total mass around 15-20 g, no more. Heavier arm will probably not fit in that range...
Well, I guess you're right. I've never looked at the numbers for the particular cartridge or the arm it was mounted on. But I do know the cantilever of the 2M Red I had was noticeably stiffer than that of the OM20 that I replaced it with, and the more compliant OM20 also sounded much better in that light arm. But I suspect the 2M Red would do better in any regular medium mass arm, which is what I meant with "heavier arm" (rather than a proper high mass arm). :)