Opinion: stylus prices are a rip off

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Re: Opinion: stylus prices are a rip off

Post by Delta667 » 27 Oct 2019 14:10

I can only add the sad statistics that I gleaned from personal experience while communicating with young music lovers. They are the main consumers of such a product.
99,99% of them cease to be interested in vinyl after such consumption in full confidence that the music from their phone is much more comfortable and richer.
And they start to consider vinyl fans, at best, cranks :lol:

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Re: Opinion: stylus prices are a rip off

Post by plyscds » 27 Oct 2019 17:00

It is easy to look at something simple and/or homemade and wonder why a seller of such an artifact asks the price he or she asks for the privilege of owning it. We live in a society where just about anything we need or desire is available for easy purchase. If it isn't available at a nearby store it can be delivered in our mail boxes or found in a cardboard box or envelope outside our doors. Before we rail too loudly against the costs of our desires perhaps we should try to make some of the "simple" things we desire from the raw materials our "simple thing" desires are made from. And while we are at it, we should try making those things with a reasonable degree of refinement and finesse.

This pious and high-sounding lecture comes to you from someone who has tried to make a wooden frame model airplane without the benefit of a store-bought kit with all the pre-cut and shaped parts in a convenient, colorful, and illustrated box. Let me tell you, it is an involved undertaking.

First you need wood, and paper, and glue. You need pictures and drawings from which to create part lists and assembly drawings and plans. You have the expense of tooling with which to create, shape, and refine parts. You also need tooling with which to create small wooden rods which are the foundation of the airplane's fuselage and wing shapes. You need source materials from which to create assembly plans and drawings, plus pencils, paper, and extra drawing tools for things like curves and straight lines. You need paper and glue with which to cover the frame you actually create. When all these factors come together you still need paints and brushes to cover and detail the exterior of the form you have created. I have done this - once. I no longer question the prices of balsa wood model airplane kits.

There is more than those of us on the outside know about that goes into the pricing of things we buy. I have spent time on both sides of the issue.

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Re: Opinion: stylus prices are a rip off

Post by GuidoK » 28 Oct 2019 18:24

plyscds wrote:
27 Oct 2019 17:00
I no longer question the prices of balsa wood model airplane kits.
I always marvel at how cheap they can make these things :mrgreen:
Then again my main line of work lies in aircraft, militairy and other high tech components and maintenance.
Talk about expensive..... :wink:

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Re: Opinion: stylus prices are a rip off

Post by wolfie62 » 28 Oct 2019 19:26

Back in 1986, I was the whistleblower for the $655 ashtray on a Navy aircraft.

Turns out, Congress was the culprit!

Had to transfer an aircraft; that requires an exhaustive inventory, including swivel ashtrays for the E2-C Hawkeye. We had to replace a missing ashtray! None in stock anywhere. Had to contract to have one made. Went to a minority company, per Congress. Tooling to build 10.

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Re: Opinion: stylus prices are a rip off

Post by georgesgiralt » 29 Oct 2019 13:55

The Airbus A320 was designed with one cockpit as tray. The initial mock-up used a metallic car astray (was in a Citroen car, the GS). The design bureau thought it was perfect for the job because it could not burn (metallic) closed perfectly (metal lid) and was self extinguishing once closed. The price was at around 5 USD (equivalent) each.
So they asked the maker to sell some (at that time they planned only 10 planes a year, so with spares this amounted to 15 to 20 a year). And they told the maker he would have to go to the certification process to ascertain flight readiness. The guy inquired about what was required and politely declined the offer because he would have gone bankrupt because of the cost of the flight worthiness study alone... They had to find something else in the aircraft industry and price went to the roof...

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Re: Opinion: stylus prices are a rip off

Post by PioneerFan » 31 Oct 2019 15:13

It is what it is. I'd say if you are unhappy about it, it's maybe time to start fabrication down in the basement. Until that happens, the market dictates what consumers pay.